10 Steps You Should Know If Visiting ‘Tarot Reader’ First Time In Life

Hello Friends, I am Rakshita here with this interesting article on ‘Tarot Reading’. This includes complete guide for you, if have any plan to visit ‘Tarot Reader’ first time in your life. As this article is based on my personal experience, so before I explain you each step let me tell you a few basic things about tarot card reading.

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What comes to your mind when you think of tarot card reading?

For most of us, tarot card reading is a woman sitting in a saree with vibrant colours of necklace and earrings over a small table with a candle on it. To begin with, let us first know, what Tarot card reading is? 

Tarot reading has been practiced since ancient times and has a long history. We also believe that tarot card reading tells us about our accurate fortune and what is going to happen in future. But let me correct you, it is just a myth that tarot card reading tells you about your accurate future. It is one of the ways of coming in contact with one’s own self.

In this article, you are also going to know about the science behind tarot card reading and the myth that the readings are 100 percent accurate. Believe me friends, this article is going to help you a lot if you are planning to visit a tarot card reader soon. 

1st Step – Understand Science of Tarot Card Reading

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Interested in knowing the science behind tarot card reading? It is the psychology that focuses on our subconscious mind. Talking about the details, there are 78 symbolic cards, each having its own significance based on sun signs and energies.

The science of tarot reading revolves around the concept of “Synchronicity” which psychologically means that there is a cause and effect relationship on which the scientific world is based. That simply means that tarot cards might reveal some coincidences that happened in your life which actually will guide you to the proper path. 

It is all based on our psychic mind that we think of at the time when the ‘Tarot card reader’ spreads the card on the table. The tarot science also has a lot to do about the connection that you possess with the tarot card reader. Getting that friendly connection before is important.

It tells a lot about the kind of person you are and the personality you carry. So be good to your tarot card reader and don’t just take him/her as granted!

2nd Step – Find ‘Tarot Expert’ with Good Reviews

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The very first thing that crosses your mind while you are in trouble, be it with your professional life or love life or any family issue, is that you must visit some tarot expert who will tell you the solution for all your problems.

This is a psychological fact that many people visit astrologers and tarot card readers when they are in trouble and many of us do so because we think it might lessen our problem.  For this, I suggest you to first search on google for an ‘Tarot Reader’ in your city that has an experienced career in it and has good ratings / reviews.

A tarot expert with good reviews will be good in all the terms, be it getting connected to you mentally or having a friendly conversation with you. An experienced and good rated tarot card reader will not cut short in listening to the matter for which you have visited.

He/she should patiently listen to you and advise you in the best way possible. So do your homework properly before investing your time and energy in searching for a good tarot card reader.

3rd Step – Prepare Questions Before the ‘Tarot Reading’ Visit

Wouldn’t it create a mess if you go to a tarot card reader with absolutely a blank mind. Believe me friends, it becomes very difficult at the time of readings that the tarot reader is asking the question and you create confusion while mixing two questions in one.

So it becomes important to prepare a list of certain questions that you need to ask so it becomes time saving for the tarot reader and for you as well. The list of questions will also figure out the state of mind you have in your visit. The very first thing that a tarot reader might ask you is the problem or wish on which you have to ask the questions.

Make sure your questions must be focused but not over detailed. This becomes easy for the tarot card reader to determine the fees that have to be taken and also it is beneficial to you as you will get all the answers according to the asked questions. 

4th Step – Trusting Your ‘Tarot Expert’ is Must

There is nothing without trust. It is important to believe in the advice and solutions given by the tarot reader because after all he/she is the experienced one and knows more than us. We sometimes believe that why should we believe them because the tarot card reader knows nothing about us but trust me, the energies never lie.

Every advice they give is based on the energies and spiritual powers that are making them believe that something might be right for you and you should follow that. With the spread of a deck of cards, they invite spiritual energies for guiding and supporting them in telling the right and wrong for you and energies never lie.

So with all a good heart and faith, trust your tarot card reader and ask them at any point if you are facing any problem in following the advice that they are giving you.

5th Step – Be Ready with Open Mind for ‘Tarot Results’

How was the last experience you had with any fortune teller? There are many chances that it might be good because you went with an open mind to accept all the realities and truth and to face them with no hesitations. That is when it becomes easy for you to listen as to what your tarot card reader is saying.

Now it is obvious that the questions you are taking to him/her might have certain harsh realities that you have faced in your past. So be okay with it and accept it with all calmness. This is where your homework will work to find a good rated tarot card reader. Also Don’t think too much that how he/she will judge you for any past.

Trust me friends, if you get conscious about the hard past, you will mess it up and will not be able to focus on the good advice that has been told to you. Also, with an open mind, accept if the tarot card reader tells you that some bad is going to happen. Do not panic! Just listen calmly. They might have a solution to it. 

6th Step – Myth of 100% Accuracy in Tarot Reading

With this article, I want to make one thing sure that tarot card reading is not a perfect solution to all your problems. Don’t too much rely on it and think that the universe has no better options for you.

With every problem you face at any phase of your life, it is natural that you take advice from a tarot card expert but learn one thing that the advice is just temporary based on the energies that you might get at that point of time. Nothing is permanent in this universe and an all in all solution to the obstacles of your life.

With the deck of cards, the power surrounds that gives you a connection in guiding the right path to you. Following that might lead you to better results. So it would be a bad idea to blame your tarot card expert if even after the session, nothing right happens to you.  

7th Step – Be Emotionally Ready for Listen Anything

Going with a strong headed personality is always good. Make sure you are ready to listen to the worst answers from the expert. Sometimes it happens that the session gets interrupted because the listener is not ready to accept or is not prepared to listen to the negative answers to the questions.

Make it very clear that nothing is permanent in life, this is all temporary. Ultimately things happen that are meant to be. I suggest you my friends to be emotionally strong while the session is on. After all, the tarot card experts are not god! They cannot decide everything good for your fortune. 

Having emotional strength also enables you to ask more questions and focus on the session properly. This will create good communication between you and your tarot expert. Accepting everything with a smile will also encourage the tarot card reader to get into more details and he/she can brief you everything with the help of spiritual energies that they are getting.

8th Step – Pray Your God for Tarot Reading Session

Your lord favors you everywhere you go! Trust his instincts and things will never be wrong for you. Many of us remember their god before starting any good work and by its end, thank him for doing the good. This is our belief in the god!

With the diversity of religions, each of us pray to different gods. So just remember your god before starting your tarot reading session with the tarot card reader and hope for the true answers! This not only invites positivity but also good energies that surround you throughout in guiding you the right path.

The candles placed on the table are the source of getting positivity and connecting you with them. Remembering them with a good thought might help you in choosing good cards that has power to change your fortune. So just relax and focus on the gods that you believe that they might take you to a better place in this universe and have solutions to all your problems. 

9th Step – Note down Tarot Readers Important Advices

You usually think of what the tarot card reader has told you throughout the session on your way back to home. With this you go through several other thoughts and questions in your mind. After reaching your home you sit peacefully and recall all what has been told to you.

This becomes more easy if you have everything noted down. Yes! It makes it very clear and non chaotic if you have properly noted down every suggestion and advice. It will help you later to come out of the trouble that you are facing.

With all the patience, take a look on the fortune readings and the advice will avoid following them the other way round because you might forget some important suggestions that the tarot card reader has told you and that are beneficial to you.

This is also appropriate if you are taking the readings for others like your friends or family. Because then, if you have noted everything, you can convey every detail properly and effectively. 

10th Thank him with payment (Must Pay)

Must pay to your tarot card reader even if he/she is known of you, for the effort and advice they have given you. With a better connection, you may also reach them anytime you need help or you might get stuck at something. Oblige them for all the love that they have given you and for listening to your stories of hard times.

Remember, the session goes smoothly with 50 percent of the cooperation of the reader himself because it takes a lot of energy for him/her to focus on it and come to an appropriate conclusion. I believe that every tarot card reader try level best to avoid you from misguidance.

Thanking them with their fees does not end the connection. Encourage them more for good readings and anytime you visit them next, try appreciating them for the skills they have. This builds a friendly relationship between you and the tarot card reader and it might happen that they reduce the fee next time you go to them for a session! 😛


Friends, I tried my best to discover these steps to make your tarot visit more fruitful.  Must follow these 10 steps while visiting any tarot card reader next time, I hope you all will have a good experience next time you visit one.

With all these things, it becomes very easy for us to follow their advice and get back to them if needed. Tarot being an art and a skill with so much knowledge that we start taking it as the 100 percent reality that will happen in future.

This article might be an eye opener for those who think that tarot reading is the final solution to their problems. It is not like that friends, this science just guides you with the proper path that might create a good fortune for you so never rely on this completely. With the flow of energies trust your instincts and good vibes and believe me, good will happen to you.

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I hope you get a better experience next time and please don’t forget to comment below your view on this article. You can also mention questions regarding the tarot reading, we will try our best to reply you as soon as possible. Have a nice Day! See you on another blog post soon. 🙂

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