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7 Unique Products to Connect with Lord Shiva – Must Read for Shiva Devotees

Om Namah Shivay ! Friends I am Megha, today we’ll be going to take a ride of the unique and beautiful products related to Lord Shiva. Trust me, this article is going to help you to connect with Lord Shiva. You must have heard a lot about Bholenaath ji! Shiva is known as the supreme among all Devas. We all know him by different names such as bhole, mahakal, trikal and many other names at different places in the world.

shiva wall art

It is said that if you want to make a strong connection with God, you must have things related to him in your surroundings. It needs a lot of purity and regular bhakti to impress Bholenath ji. But, when he is happy with your bhakti & love towards him, he is going to shower complete your infinite wishes.

Here on taabiz.in you will find the amazing products which you can use as fashion accessories to the home decor piece. In this article, I will give you information about the goodies which is going to bring harmony, luck and balance in your life. 

Here in this list providing you goodies, spiritual yet trendy related to Lord Shiva. You can gift them or place them at your house to bring peace and blessings of Lord Mahkal. Let’s go 

Fashion with Trishul Pendant

shiva trishul locket

Shiva is considered as the ultimate truth and direct connection to the human soul. On the other hand, Trishul (Trident) is the weapon that Lord Shiva carries. There are different meanings of Trident in Hinduism.

As a symbol, Trishul represents the three aspects of Shiva the creator, preserver and destroyer or it is equilibrium of three Gunas (satva, rajas and tamas). It also symbolises body, mind and soul. A trident, all three things are connected. It is one of the most important attributes of Bhole Bhagwan.

Are you feeling unstable? Why don’t you give it a try?

Wear the Trishul pendant to bring knowledge, clarity and wisdom and connect with lord shiva in better way. It also believed that it is the balance of the three things. It will give you clarity about your purpose of life, knowledge about this world and your duties plus wisdom of being the bhakt of Lord Shiva.

Pendant helps to improve your blood circulation. Wear a silver Trishul pendant to decrease the negativity in life, and to bring peace in your mind. You can check this beautiful piece at taabiz.in where you will get the best quality at a reasonable rate.

Shiva Night Lamp to lighten up your life

shiva night lamp

Shiva is the highest authority among all Gods. He is pure and true to himself. Have you ever thought about lighting your home with the lamp of God? Yes! You read it right. A table lamp of Shiva and Parvati.

Bring a lamp of Shiva to brighten up your life. Shiva is benevolent towards his devotees. He is very kind-hearted and supportive of his bhakts. It is said that we should always keep the photo of Shiva in which he is calm and meditative. 

It is advisable that you should keep Shiva in the north direction, the direction of Mount Kailash. It is the abode of Shiva. Shiva in the house brings power, purity and knowledge. You can keep this lamp anywhere in the house except bedroom, I hope you know the reason.

What about lighting your pooja ghar with his brightness? You can keep it in your Pooja Ghar to lighten and brighten up the environment. Also you can gift it to your friends as a symbol of power and purity on different occasions. It is blissful to have the Bholenath.

Adiyogi Wall Sticker for Home Decor

adiyogi wall sticker

Before I telling you about the wall sticker. Tell me one thing, do you know who Adiyogi is? Yeah! I know that you know the answer. That Shiva was the first yogi, aadi guru and Guru. Shiva is celebrated as the Guru of Yoga. He was the one who discovered yoga and passed on his knowledge to the rishis.

This Adiyogi wall sticker is a boon to all the yoga practitioners. Are you feeling lazy and need the motivation to perform physical activities or yoga? Bring an Adiyogi wall sticker in your home. Decorate the walls of the home with it. You can stick it anywhere at your place.

Adiyogi is going to bring motivation and meditation in your surroundings, as it is the Yogic avatar of Lord Shiva. It is said that Adiyogi can be the source of positivity and spirituality in your life. I will suggest that, put this sticker in the room where you perform meditation and yoga and connect with lord shiva. You can use it to perform Dhyan.

This sticker will surely be going to change your perspective towards spirituality. You can also give it to your children and friends as the inspirational source of doing the physical workout. The Adiyogi face has the expression of ultimate satisfaction. Go and grab your Adiyogi wall sticker and let your family members connect with lord shiva, start feeling positive instantly.

Connect with Lord Shiva using Bahubali Trishul Kada

shiva braclet

Shiva is also considered as the coolest God among all. Do you know why? Because he did everything which he ever believed in. He was careless, fearless and joyful. Why don’t you add him in one of your jewellery pieces?

Yes, you can wear this unisex Trishul Kada to make a close connection with God. I have already told you that Trishul symbolises creator, preserver and destroyer. It is the weapon and character of Lord Shiva.

Many believe that wearing silver jewellery detoxifies your body. It protects you from the negativity of the surrounding and thoughts. Scientifically silver reduces the chances of infection and kills bacteria. It also increases your healing power. Combine the benefits of silver with the power of Trishul. It is suitable for the bold and brave individual who is spiritual in nature.

You can give this Kada as a rakhi, birthday and anniversary gift to your brother and sister. Youth can wear it as fashion accessories. It will improve your mood and thoughts. Now, you must be wondering where you can buy it? Check www.taabiz.in for such cool and beautiful products. They won’t disappoint you with the quality and rates.

Shiva Car Hanging for Protection

shiva for car

Let’s decorate our car with this beautiful Shiva car hanging by the grace of God. If you believe in God, why don’t you make the connection with him stronger? Shiva is known as the most powerful lord.

Bring this car hanging in which he is meditating and increasing his powers through it. This car hanging will bring purity, power and a sense of balance in your life. We know that while driving, we need focus and mental stability. This hanging will give you positive vibes and a stable mind. It will connect you with spirituality.

Being a devotee of Shiva, you better understand the importance of spirituality. You should surround yourself with the positive vibes and powerful environment to protect yourself from negative vibes. This small piece is going to give a great look through to your car.

It is good to go trendy with the most fashionable and fearless God. You can give it to your friend for his/her new car. The thought behind the gift is going to impress your friend. Don’t worry! You can easily get it anywhere and or better version on our shop page 😉

Shiva Chanting Machine to Purify Surroundings

shiva chanting box

Being a devotee you better know the power of chanting mantras. Chanting mantras has both scientific and spiritual benefits. It is believed that chanting ‘OM’ 10 times can reduce your anxiety and depressive symptoms. It has great psychological benefits.

Hearing mantras have equal effects on our health as well as environment. Mantras give peace and clear mind. It is said that it can remove all the emotional struggle from your life. Shiva mantra has huge power to purify your body and heal it from all the pain, rejection and frustration. The positive vibrates eliminate the negativity. It will create a positive and spiritual environment in your home.

You can plug it anywhere. We’ll suggest plugging it in the centre of the house, so it will be equally audible in all the areas of the house. Listening to these mantras can heal you from inside. It liberates the positive vibes and can be the best thing you can give yourself during hard times.

Bring this chanting machine at your home to throw away all the negativities out of the house. You can give it to anyone as the source of recovery and strength. The name Om itself holds the power of healing and positivity. You can also use it while practicing yoga or meditation. Bring it today and chant with the machine “Om Namah Shivay”.

Shiva Incense Smoke Backflow Burner

shiva incense fountain

It is believed that when Shiva is meditating he is in his finest stage, he is making a connection with the soul. Shiva incense smoke backflow burner is the most pleasuring and beautiful art piece you can keep at your home. This burner will be going to change the interior look of your home as well as vibes in your life.

In this piece, the Shiva is meditating beside the waterfall. This product is breathtaking due to its beautiful smoky waterfall. In addition, this piece is going to bring good luck and balance in your life. It is rare to find this kind of beautiful piece of art.

Even it will give the most warming vibes to your home. It will shower all the luck, happiness, prosperity and success in your life. You are thinking same what I am thinking, the best present for House warming? Yes, indeed it is.

Why don’t you go and check out the suitable place in your home for this beautiful burner? You can decorate any corner of the house with this piece. You will surely get the feeling of Shiva’s abode after keeping it at home. Don’t worry you can easily get this piece at www.taabiz.in. Say Thanks, me later;-)

Now What ?

These all are the best and most beautiful products related to the supreme God – Lord Shiva. As I said he is the most powerful and Karta-dharta of humans, why not bring him home and bless our home with his grace.

According to mythological legends and many stories, Bholenath always completes the desires of his bhakts. He never discriminates irrespective of devotees intentions. He is surely known as the most fearless God.

Bring him home or surround yourself with him, you will always be going to feel powerful. Whenever you are feeling uneasy and scared, Jaap the “Mantra Om Namah Shivay” it will shoot away all the fear and bring stability. 

These products can be the best housewarming, anniversary, birthday, Diwali, Mahashivratri gifts. Now, you must be thinking “Ab where I’ll get these products, right? Aee, why don’t you go and check out www.taabiz.in?

Best quality product are available at very reasonable price. Trust me! I am not lying. Grab your Shiva related Gift / product and connect with lord shiva in better way. Thanks, me later 😉 Recite after me “Om Namah Shivay”.

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