imporatnce of religious jewellery in indian tradition

Importance of Religious Jewellery in Indian Tradition

People of all Indian religions wear jewelry on different occasions, festivals, and functions. It also showcases one’s social and financial status. However, not all types of jewelry can be worn at all times, and wearing religious jewellery has a spiritual meaning.

Hindu Jewellery of God & Goddess

hindu yantra locket

For the Hindu religion, jewelries plays a symbolic role. Usually, Hindu peoples carry ethnic and mbol is made up of four main elements that represent the creative power of God, balance, political sovereignty, and spiritual sovereignty. It has a deeply powerful role in the Sikh religion, and it serves to remind believers about the fundamental tenets of their faith. The Khanda a bold and striking icon that lends itself well to men’s jewelry.

Islamic Jewellery for Divine Protection


For peoples of the Muslim faith, Jewellery options are nearly endless. There are arabic faith message pendants, star and crescent charms, jewellery with evil eye motifs, tasbih prayer beads, and more.

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Religious Jewelry for Indian Christians

cross pendant

Christian people wear cross pendant which they believe give them protection from evil forces and keeping them away from unwanted instincts.

The cross pendant helps to enhance the body’s bio-field and helps to maintain the positive energy balance. It restores the energy balance in the body and helps to maintain the health and well-being.

Jewellery Choice of Jain Community

jai jinendra brooch

Jainism is originally an Indian religion, there is a symbol which represents the most important practice of the religion—non-violence called the Ahimsa Hand (Jain Hand). The position the hand takes is known as abhaya mudra, an energy position in the body meaning “no fear” (Jain Hand).

As a whole, the symbol represent the cycle of life, non-violence, and the prevention of harm to all living creatures (Jain Hand). The Origin of Ahimsa Hand can be found in Hinduism (Ahimsa & The Hand of Jainism). It is, more often than not, represented through drawing and painting. Nevertheless, pendents, amulets, and carvings of the Ahimsa Hand do exist.

Some Jain peoples also used to wear their 24th tirthankar’s symbol pendent as religious jewellery made of gold & silver as it is the way to remember god’s best practices all the time.

Religious Jewellery of Buddha followers

In the Buddhist faith, they used to wear Buddha face jewelry and sometimes 7 chakra jewelry too. One thing is interesting with this type of jewelry that peoples of other religions also wear this type of jewelries.

The symbol dharmachakra represents Gautama Buddha’s teaching and walking of the path to enlightenment. Also known as the dharma wheel, this symbol is usually gold in color and it can include details in the center such as a yin-yang or secondary wheel.

Many Buddha followers also opt to wear an image of Buddha as jewelry, usually in the form of a pendant or bracelet charm. In many cases, people choose to wear pieces that show his entire body as a form of respect and reflection for his importance in the religion’s discourse.

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