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Best 7 Punjabi Home Decor Items | Perfect Gifts for Sikh Community

Sat Sri Akal to all my Sikh brothers and sisters. I am Megha, today I’ll tell you some beautiful facts about Sikhism. Also, I will unveil some Best Punjabi Home Decor Items, those are must have for every sikh and also oerfect gift for your sikh friends / relatives. 

sikh painting

Sikhism is one of the youngest religions. Sikhs believe that the way to lead a good life is to keep God in heart and mind at all times; Yes, it is true! They believe in Sewa and Wand Chakna. According to the sikh people, Guru Granth Sahib is the living guru. It’s their duty to follow their holy book and live accordingly.

We all want to be happy and successful. It is that our surroundings should be pure and away from all the negativities. We can keep a few products which can be the source of positivity, luck, happiness and joy. Yes! Why not? We can keep small spiritual things to keep our Babaji in our mind and heart all day. 

Read this article to choose perfect Punjabi home décor item for your home and place your order today to bring goodness. Here I have written about these kinds of products which you can use to decorate your home. So, Here below let’s start with first product: 

Sikhism Religious Mantra Box 

ik onkar chanting bell

‘IK Onkar’ is the most melodious prayer you will ever hear. Just like the melody, it has great meaning”. ‘Ik Onkar’ meaning is “God is one”. It is also the opening word of the holy book Guru Granth Sahib. According to this mantra everyone is equal and we should always keep Waheguruji in our mind and heart.

How awesome it is that Babaji is going to be with us, isn’t it? His grace and blessings guides us through the path of goodness and humanity. He is known as the idol of humanity and humility. He has always given the teachings of One God, and humanity. 

So, do you want to hear Ik Onkar all the time? I have this beautiful product for you, ‘the portable mantra machine’. Get this machine and start your day by hearing this sweet Gurbani. This portable chanting machine you can take anywhere. You can travel with it anywhere. Chanting detoxifies your body from all the sins and negativities and fills it with positive vibes.

Trust me, this IK Onkar chanting is going to connect you with Guru Gobind Ji directly. Start your day with this beautiful melody. Repeat after me “Ik Onkar, Ek Onkar satnam karta purakh Nirmoh nirvair akal murat Ajuni sabham

Guru Nanak ji Led Lamp to Brighten up your Life

dev gurunanak ji night lamp

Why don’t you use a Waheguru led light lamp to brighten up your life with your house? Yes! This beautiful lamp will be the source of the light of positivity and luck in your home and workplace. What could be the better option of replacing your lights/lamps with this beautiful lamp of Babaji! You can keep it at your home, Pooja ghar too.

It is said that where you keep Waheguruji, barren places can become the mansions of Gold. It is very important to take care of purity and cleanliness while keeping any lord at home. This beautiful lamp has its own aura. Decorate your home with the help of Guruji.

This Lamp can be the best gift for your Sikh friends and family members. Trust me they are going to love this blessing and always going to praise you for it. We all know, when we bring light to other life we get it in ours just double. You must be wondering, where will you find this beautiful lamp? Check on the link below to buy it now.

Punjabi Paintings for Spiritual Touch

punjabi painting

It is said that a good painting on the wall improves the vibes and the mood of the room. An art on the wall is a great way to add personality in your space. What about the painting related to Waheguruji? Yes, it can give the spiritual touch to your personal space and professional space.

According to interior designers, your walls have the strength to break and make your interior decoration planning. Why not use that most neglected wall to bring as the most vibe wall by decorating it with wall art paintings. If you are putting something related to your culture and God, it will attract your family members and visitors. I think we can tell a lot about our culture through our home.

Choose one of the walls of your room (living, bedroom, drawing room), get a good painting of Waheguruji or IK Onkar and place it over there. Surely, it will instantly change the vibes of your surroundings. It will energize your space and reduce all the negativity in the surrounding. 

The painting will bring the prosperity in the house plus it has power to shower you home with luck. Don’t worry about the painting related to the colors of your wall or rest of the interior.

24kt Gold Plated Golden Temple Showpiece

golden temple gold showpiece

The real Golden Temple is made of Gold and considered as the pilgrimage for Sikhs and Punjabis considered the eighth wonder of the world. It is considered as an abode of God and one of the most significant shrines of Sikhism.

What if you can bring your holy place to your home? Yes, Golden Temple that too 24kt gold plated. You don’t believe me, why don’t you check this out? As we can’t visit this beautiful Gurudwara every time, let’s bring it to our home from Amritsar.

According to Sikhs ideologies doing Sewa is better than spending money here and there. Benefits of pilgrimage according to Sikhs are providing time dedicated to spiritual reflection, learning more about the history of Sikhism and the Gurus’ lives, helping them better understand the principles of Sikhism and many more.

Bring one showpiece of Golden temple also known as Harmandir Sahib at home, get the fruit of pilgrimage at home. This Golden Temple is going to purify your home. It will give your home interior goals as well as blessings of Babaji. You can also gift it to your family and friends on different occasions. Bole so Nihal. Sat Sri Akal.

Punjabi Theme Wall Sticker

punjabi dance wall stickler

Want to decorate your walls, mirrors, lounge, cafes with beautiful stickers in Punjabi Style? Here I have collection of the most beautiful wall stickers, which can be used anywhere in your home. Give your home, work place, lounge, cafe etc aesthetic look with this Punjabi theme wall sticker. 

This punjabi theme wall sticker you can stick anywhere without any fear. As we know, taking his name is our ultimate Karma. Why not bless our surroundings with his name? The sticker is going to be blissful. ‘IK Onkar’ is the most important word in Sikhism as it indicates the superiority of God and tells you that there is one God.

These punjabi stickers will bring peace, luck and harmony in your life. This will make you realise everytime that we all are equal. No one is superior to him. It will bring the emotion of sewa in your heart. You can decorate your home or workplace with this to give a stylish and punjabi look. It is going to be the centre of attraction. Your visitors / customers will get good vibes and enjoy the food more.

You can also gift it to your punjabi friend on different occasions. Check our shop page at www.taabiz.in, to get exclusive collection of all sikhi products and gifting ideas with these best wall and mirror stickers at a reasonable rate.

Punjabi Decorative Couple Statue

punjabi gift item couple

Have you ever thought of bringing a showpiece which tells about the richness of your culture? No! Don’t worry. Let me introduce this beautiful decoration material to increase the glory of your home. Bring punjabi couple statues at home, hotel or cafe to showcase your rich culture.

It will also tell people about your personality. As old punjabi culture is vanishing day by day, keeping this statue will bring the joy of your own culture. Even if you will give this to your punjabi friends, they will feel happy and touched with the gift. It is said that we should never forget where we come from, right? So, this punjabi couple statue will keep you connected with the roots of your culture.

We have listed so many punjabi couple statue like two girls are doing Giddha (folk dance), punabi couple doing bhangra or a couple in wedding dress etc. This can be the best gift you can give to your sikhs and punjabi friends on any occasion. This colorful statue will help the younger generation of your house to understand the values of their rich culture. You can also give it to your husband or wife on the anniversary. Check this out and Thanks me later, for suggesting the best product related to the Sikh culture and values.

Cool Punjabi Cushion Covers

dabang punjabi cushion cover

Punjabis are known as a colorful and lively community. Bring that joy of enjoying in your surroundings. Do you having thoughts? like – Are how to decorate home with the touch of my culture? Walls are done, corners of the house done and even pooja ghar is done, but what about decorating the sofa? What to do? Let me help you with this. Hold on! And read this article.

What about covering your cushions with the funky quotes like Wakhra Swag ni, Punjab ta puttar, Sudh Desi Jatt, Balle Balle and many more like this. These funny quotes are going to lighten up your mood. You can also use cushion covers that have Khanda on them, the symbol of Sikhism. It represents that God is one and we should stay within the boundaries made by him. The cushion covers with symbol or quotes going to make you feel powerful. 

Burrah! These punjabi theme based cushion covers are going to give your living space the perfect look. As I have mentioned that we should always stay connected with our roots, we should decorate home with our culture. You can gift these cushion covers to your family members and non punjabi friends as well. 

What is Next?

Here I would like to wrap up. We all believe in the humility and kindness explained in Sikh religion. Sikh community always takes a step forward to serve humankind. From Langar to sewa in Gurudwara, they never failed the society as humans.

I hope this article for ‘Best Punjabi Home Decor Items’ has helped you in decorating your home or workplace. These products are going to connect you with culture and will bring the balance in your life. Also these products will guide you towards your duty.

Confused? What to buy? Where to buy from? Are! Now, go and make the list of the products you want to buy to increase the cultural and spiritual values in your surroundings. Visit to www.taabiz.in and find all products of your choice at best price. Sewa karna, Wand Chankna!

Sat Sri Akal Ji !

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