Spiritual Gift Ideas

100% Positive Energy Gift Ideas for Spiritual Peoples

Hey guys, I’m Sakshi and today I’m here to share some interesting gift ideas for your spiritual friends or family member. You can also gift these to yourself. It was very challenging to select best and unique Gift Ideas for Spiritual Peoples.

crystal lotus for positive energy

We have selected practical uses products, that any spiritual person can actually use the item. If the person is someone who is highly spiritual or guru than it makes the process of gift selection more challenging.

These suggested gift items are affordable or say value for money for everyone. Spiritual gifts should be appropriate and non-offensive to the person. Have you ever thought that is it a right thing i selected for a friend? Have you ever given second thoughts after buying a gift?

You don’t have to worry about this. Checkout shop page of www.taabiz.in, we have various options for you to find a perfect, unique, attractive and appropriate spiritual & religious gift. 

Meditation Tracking Device to Improve Mindfulness

There are so many meditation technique explained by different gurus in India. Also, many mobile apps are available to help you in improving meditation and inner wellness. Meditation trackers are one step ahead of these all methods.

This Meditation tracker is a modern gadget which helps you identify how you are feeling. It helps to identify your stress levels, anxiety, breathe regulation & sleep methods. Meditation tracker helps you to keep your meditate and progress in check.

Meditation apps linked with it also have some videos regarding yoga, meditation and acupressure by which you can learn and use these practices in your day to day life. Here we are telling you about ‘Dhyana Meditation Tracker’, a smart meditation ring which is recently awarded as best meditation ring.

Dhyana can be one of the thoughtful gifts for your spiritual friends who are very much into fitness. It will also help them to relax and keep their health in check.

7 Chakra Crystal Tree for Natural Healing

This unique 7 chakra tree is made of the power of 7 gemstones and crystals which blesses you with improved willpower, intellectual power and creative ability. 7 chakra tree makes it presence mark able by removing any negativity in the environment which causes anxiety and stress.

With enlightening your spiritual power with positive light, this 7 chakra tree also helps to make your interior look attractive. This tree makes an attractive piece of your living area or hall. Its colorful crystal gives a vibrant look to your place.

You can gift it to your friends and guru’s as and can suggest them to keep it near windows and plants so they can use it to improve the natural energy of healing. Taabiz.in has listed this 7 chakra tree in different sizes and budget on shop page.

Indoor Water Fountain for Relaxation

water fountain for relaxation

Indoor water fountains are considered very much effective for improving indoor air and increasing positive energy inside your home. Not only this helps in clearing the negative energy but also helps in keeping the home clean.

It is a belief of spiritual people that dust and germs are attracted by the negative energy present in that place, if there is positive energy dust and germs are less attracted. So your home stays clean.

Indoor water foundation mostly preferred as a piece of decoration. It is very low maintenance and can be cleaning with interval of every five to six months. You can clean it using 1-2 cup of simple or apple cider vinegar. Vinegar works as natural cleanser.

Fountains are available in different designs including the idols of Hindu lords, beautiful scenery and the designs of mini waterfalls. You can gift this fountain to your friends on house warming, birthdays or any other special occasions.

Click on image to know the price or visit our shop page on www.taabiz.in and give a special and budget friendly gift to your loved ones. This can be a perfect gift for your friend who is facing some negative experiences in their life.

Brain Sensing Headband to Improve Meditation Practice

Guided Meditation Multi Sensor Headset Tracker

Brain sensing headbands are the device which helps in measuring the brain activities using EEG sensors. It represents the brain activities with the sound of the waves. Higher activities represent with the storm sounds and lower activities represents with the relaxing sounds like sound of birds.

Brain sensing headband also helps in meditating and helps in reducing the stress and curing mental and physical stresses. Stress causes insomnia, over thinking and stressing about the situation we cannot control results into anxiety and depression. Meditation has been proven a natural solution for all these problems.

Brain sensing headbands help people letting the thoughts and stresses go. Its daily use and meditation sessions give effective results. These headbands have options to choose your kind of meditation. Mind, body; heart and breath are the common types of meditations.

If you see your friend or loved one stressed on regular basis and want to help them, you can gift them this wonderful headband which works like a magic on the stress, anxiety or depression anyone is having.

Meru Shree Yantra to Remove Negative Energy

meru shree yantra for gifting

Meru shree yantra is known as mother of all yantras. It is a three dimensional projection of shree yantra which is also known as shree chakra. This is made of interlocking of 9 triangles which represents cosmos and human body.

Meru shree yantra considered as most powerful and auspicious yantra in Hinduism. If you have any kind of problem, meru shree yantra is the solution for you. It is considered that if you have any financial issues or any family or personal problems, get a meru shree yantra. It helps in removing hurdles in your path and you can have a healthier wealthier and happy life.

 This yantra is worshiped in Hindu household and uses for meditation and devotion practices. Meru shree yantra should always be placed before soaking in water and chanting mantra’s 108 times. You can place this yantra to your home or your work place.

You can also wear this yantra as gold or silver pendant all the time except while taking a bath. Contact of water may reduce the life span, if you wish you can also remove it while sleeping. This makes it a best gift for spiritual friend or guru.

7 Chakra Jewelry to Balance Body Chakras

7 chakra pendant

Jewelries are considered a common accessory material and worn by both men and women. For your spiritual friends you can order the customized jewelry. 7 Chakra Jewelry helps in controlling and maintaining the 7 Chakra’s explained as per ancient scriptures.

7 Chakra Jewelry is helpful in maintaining our soul chakra’s. It not only helps in balance and stability in the body but also gives you peace and positivity.

Your friends in spiritual circle will love this as gift, this is my first choice of gifts to my spiritual friends. In the modern time healing jewelries are one of the best and most demanding fashion accessories. This jewelry is both fashionable and spiritual. Aren’t these the best option for the gift? So hurry up and buy now.

Mythology Books for Spiritual Peoples

mythology books combo

Spiritual books are the most important part of a spiritual person’s life. Spiritual persons are the person of knowledge and faith. Books help them to increase their knowledge and faith. Books are one of the most popular gift ideas.

There are many books which relates to mythology, history and religion which are popular among the spiritual people. In the modern times many authors have shifted their writing strategies from fiction to mythology fiction.

Mythological fiction books are the novels which are explained in different kinds of point of views of the people existing in the same mythological story, like lanka’s princess is from surpankha’s point of view; Ajaya is from duryodhana’s point of view. For more check the previous article written on mythological books.

You can also gift the actual scripture like Ramayan, Geeta, Kuran written by ancient saints and rishi’s. There are books on yoga and meditation for gaining health and controlling the anxiety and stress. These all books are available on www.taabiz.in. You can order any book and it will be safely delivered to your friends.

Divine Statues as Gift for Spiritual Persons

divine statue for gift

It is considered auspicious to gift Lord Buddha or laughing Buddha idols to your near and dear ones. Laughing Buddha’s is also considered lucky. There are many idols related to the religious history which can be gifted. Divine statues bring positivity and motivation.

There is always a sense of positive energy and the person feels near to God. Many people believe that the idols of lord ganesha and devi lakshmi should not be gifted during diwali as it takes away all the prosperity.

In India it is considered auspicious to have a dedicated place or a room especially for worship. India is a country of where many religions live together

Inspirational Quotes on Mugs /T-shirts /Masks

Spiritual Printed Stuff

The latest fashion trend has quotes printed on mugs, t-shirt, masks and so many. Due to Corona pandemic masks are very much in demand and customized masks became the trend. The idea of these items is to connect with the god in modern ways. This reflects a person’s belief in God and spiritual connection with the supreme forces.

Some inspirational quotes have imprinted the idols or pictures of Lord. Posters of Gods and the quotes or inspirational and motivational thoughts given by Gods and religious speakers are very much popular in young generation.

If your friend is young and follows the fashion trend with his own spiritual ways, these gifts are the right choice for you. You can simply click on picture to order now and surprise your friends.

Singing Bowls for all the Spiritual Wellness

singing bowl

Singing bowls are invented by Tibetans as a meditation tool. It is also helpful in relaxation of muscles and healing of joints and shoulders. It improves digestive system, headaches of migraine and spinal and physical injuries which help us in reducing stress and tension.

The bowls are used by filling water in it and the mallet wrapped with rubber or leather. When rubbed on the bowl, it creates the vibrations and frequencies which helps in curing the pain and removes the negative energy.

There are not much scientific explanations about how does this work but the results are evident. I myself use the singing bowl when I am stressed and this works wonders on me. I can immediately feel relaxed and energized.

Final Words

These items help us to relax in the present environment of stress and anxiety. In modern times where we all are running in our lives, be it for money, for fame or for health, we do not have time to stop and relax.

These items help us to be relaxed in our day to day life by merely sitting on a table or a corner of our house. These items also help our loved ones to connect with the spiritual powers within themselves or in the environment.

After reading this I hope your confusion regarding the gifts is resolved. You will not only gift these items to your friends but also keep some things for yourself too. Whenever I go to buy gift for someone this happens with me too.

If you want more articles like this stay connected here and do let us know any suggestion, review or want any article on your favorite items. Stay happy stay safe. Happy reading.

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