Mystic ways to get Pregnant

8+ Mystic ways to get Pregnant – ‘Fast and Easy’

Hey guys, I’m Sakshi and today I’m here to share some good spiritual and mystic ways to get pregnant. Being pregnant and nurturing a life is a blessing. When a woman wants to get pregnant but not being successful can be stressful and frustrating. If you feel the same way, you are not alone. It might feel sometimes that you are.

Due to modern life style, stress, anxiety and over thinking makes woman’s body weak and results into struggles in getting pregnant. It is medically proven that a body needs to be healthy to conceive. Today, we will discuss how you can have a healthy and blessed body which helps you to get pregnant fast and quickly.

1. Astrological Tips to Conceive Fast

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It may seem strange to some people to know that astrology has a connection with getting pregnant. Right time and place is very much important for pregnancy. Some people believe that pregnancy has direct relation to your stars even if you are a non-believer. When stars rise with sun it creates energy and surround you with the energy. This energy helps in determining your luck.

Have you heard of the astrological tips of baby making? It may sound strange but some famous astrologers suggestes the deep things on Internet. It helps you to increase chances of fertility fast & easy.

If you have a history of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, some astrology claims to gain the knowledge of your past medical history by accessing your stars. Once they understand the root of the issue, they treat it and help you conceive.

2. Gemstones for Confirmed Pregnancy

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The Aventurine is considered lucky stone for improving fertility. Moonstone helps in improving the natural rhythm of fertility and helps you in getting pregnant. Moonstone helps in connecting your energy of the moon and fertility. It is consider very lucky as helps in balancing emotions by bringing calming and reflective energy. It also helps in reducing the stress.

Apart from moonstone there are many stones which can help you improve your chances at pregnancy, that are Rose Quartsz, Unakite Jasper, Carnelian, Lepidolite, Tiger’s Eye and Emerald. You can wear these stones as a necklace or rings. Many people prefer to wear these stones as bracelets.

In modern times there are many products available to track the correct date for initiating the process of intercourse which increases the chances for you to get pregnant. Ovulation tracking bracelets are a great innovation for ladies who are struggling to get pregnant.

Fertility bracelets are consist with the stones which increases your inner positive energy and fertility hormones. They come in very attractive and classy look which you can even flaunt while going to any occasion. This pregnancy and fertility trackers are very much in demand.

3. Life Style Changes for Health and Fertility

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To get pregnant there is one important rule, have a healthy life style. If your hectic and unhealthy life style can lead you to have troubles in getting pregnant. To have a healthy lifestyle you need to eat healthy foods like bean and lentils. They are full with fiber and fill your body with required vitamins. Polyamine sperm dine, available in lentils help to increase your chances and motivates sperm to help your eggs to get fertile.

Apart from having healthy food you need to follow some physical activities. Many women face trouble in pregnancy due to heavy weight. Even the extreme low weight can cause the pregnancy issues. To improve fertility a women need to do at least 5 hours of yoga, walking or physical activities in a week. Do you know, dancing and bicycling are considered best exercises to improve your fertility. These exercises need to be done at least 30 minutes per day.

If you are an alcoholic or drink a lot of soda and junk food, then it can reduce your chances of pregnancy. As the old saying goes, too much of anything is too bad. If you and your husband are trying and you are failing then you need to look at your habits and change them. A healthy body is the home for a new life.

4. Vastu Shatra Remedies to Defeat Infertility

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Many people have faced the issue of immature pregnancy miscarriages. Miscarriages are physically and emotionally depressing. People see many doctors and spend a lot of money; still they face the same problem. They cannot find the cure of it. This can be the issue of your incorrect vastu. You need to find cure of your vastu dosh.

Our body is made of five elements and the element which encourages a person of have the feeling for desire and sex is fire element. This element is responsible for initiating the process of intercourse. The work of fire elements does not end here; this element is also responsible for conceiving and helps the baby to mature in the womb of his mother. Heat is required for maturing the eggs, like a hen sit on her eggs, but the requirement of heat need to be measured correctly. The excessive heat can result into miscarriage.

A married couple can have a bedroom in South east corner but once the woman get pregnant the bedroom must shift to South west corner of the house. Married couple trying to conceive need to avoid the North east corner of the house as it may lead to miscarriages.

5. ‘Religious Fast’ for Speedy Fertility

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It is suggested that fasting couple of times in a week or full fasting for 24 hours is best for improving fertility. To clear the system a woman need to consume only 500 calories per day to increase the chances of getting pregnant. It is scientifically proven that not eating for full one or two days can affect hormones and hormones play a vital role in getting pregnant.

Apart from this, fasting helps in reducing weight and balanced weight increases the chances of pregnancy. Muslim community has the belief that fasting during Ramdan’s make a women’s body ready for pregnancy and improve fertility. It helps in detoxifying the body and does the cleansing of the body of men and women.

Many people have false belief that fasting in early pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, but this is not true. Fasting does not create miscarriage although eating healthy food is always good in early pregnancy. Limiting your food intake and eating healthy improves fertility and fasting has been proven best way to do it.

6. Mantra’s Chanting to Ensure Your Pregnancy

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We have heard so many stories from the ancient times that a lady gets baby from chanting mantras. Be it Kunti from mahabharat chanting mantras and getting Pandavas or Be it mata anjani chanted mantra to get hanuman.
Have you ever wondered how these things are possible? What kind of mantras were those?

Don’t worry, I will tell you about these mantras.

Famous mantras are called “Putra Prapti Stotram” “Gopal Santan Mantra”. These mantras have proven to be very successful and ensure that you will surely get pregnant if you follow the instructions properly.

If you want a baby like little Krishna, sweet , innocent and a little naughty then get a picture or idol of Bal Gopal with you and keep it front of you and chant Shri Krishna Mantra will all the love in your heart. It is a very famous and powerful mantra from Lal Kitab. Moola mantra is also one of the powerful and easy to recite mantra to chant.

Recite this mantra to get pregnant and helps to avoid any mis-happening. Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra is one of the most popular and trusted mantra which is commonly used for newly wedded couple to make their marriage successful and conceive the first child. This mantra has proven very beneficial in many ways after marriage. It helped many people in having happy and successful married life.

7. Fengshui Remedies for Fertility Improvement

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Fenshui is very trusted and deep rooted philosophy of Yin and Yang. It suggests the items arrangement to improve your chances of success and positivity. Fenshui has also given some tips for item arrangements which can help you improve your fertility and improve chances of your pregnancy. The item arrangements have an energy which balances your hormones and fertility or even improve your relationships.

Fenshui suggests that the couple who are trying to have a child does not have mirror in their room. If you are trying to get pregnant for the second time and already have kids in your home, then let them play or jump on your bed, this is proven as a energy magnet for positive Chi which helps you get pregnant easily. You need to free your entry gate and does not block your entry gate by any furniture as any blockage of entry can make positive energy take a U turn from you.

You need to avoid keeping any electronic devices in your bedroom as their radiation can disturb the energy. Always keep the idols of Lord Buddha with lots of children around them. This is a vital source of the positive Yi energy which promotes fertility and pregnancy hormones.

8. Temple (Mandir’s) to Get Divine Blessing for Getting Pregnant

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As per Hindu belief praying to Lord Shiva can cure your issues of having a baby. Pray to Lord Shiva with all the love in your heart and visit Lord shiva temple every Monday. Perform pooja with all the required items like milk, pure water,etc every week. If you still face some issues, plan a visit to below temples as soon as possible.

Sri Santhana Venugopala Swamy Temple in Maysore, Shri Satyafiriswarar Temple in Tamil Nadu, Athiri Muni temple around 85 kms from MaduraiMannarasala Nagaraja Temple near Haripad . Kamkhaya Temple near Guwahati, These temples are believed most successful and famous for people dealing with the issue of child birth.

You should visit these temples with your partner and pray with all belief, trust, love and devotion in your heart. Lord always listens to those who pray with full devotion and trust. Your result is the reflection of your trust. The stronger the trust is, the more beautiful your result will be. The more you trust the God the more beneficial and evident the result will be.

Final Words

If you are still facing the issues in having a child or carrying a child and if you are facing repetitive miscarriage, do not worry. Follow the practices mentioned in this article and trust in yourself and the God, you will see the magic. You will become a mother sooner than later.

Try to find out what kind of mistakes happened in last time, correct them. If you are trying first time, check your daily routine, eating habits, create a work life balance, eat healthy, exercise daily. This thing seems minor but following these minor or little habits in your life can give you the biggest happiness of your life. You can be surely be a mother and can gift a new life to this world.

If you want articles on any of your problems or want suggestion for spiritual and devotional life, comment below and we will come back to share interesting facts on the topic of your choice.

Stay Healthy..Stay Safe.. Happy Reading. 🙂

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