Bring this ‘Money Cat’ idol to your home for ‘Good Luck’

Hello Taabizians, Today we are here with new mysterious product which is about an figurine/statue mostly used in Japan with belief that it attracts lot of money to the owner. Now a days this statue of Lucky cat or Money Cat is most trending product among we Indians.

You definitely can’t deny that every human being on this planet wish to be more and more rich. Indian uses different remedies to attract money, Similarly Japanese are crazy for this money attracting cat idol called ‘Maneki-neko’.

We at have listed this product on this no.1 religious online store platform, which is now available for sale.  Our lucky money cat is now equipped with a moving hand which is solar power operated. It looks like cat calling your clients or customers which going to convert in more sale/business.

“The Maneki-neko (Lucky Cat) is a common Japanese Statue which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.”

How Popular Money Cat Is ?

Chinese communities has higher popularity of this, Because of this it is known as Chinese lucky cat in Western Countries (specially in chinatown of United States).

Now this product is not just limited to Japan or China. Due to worldwide demand now almost every country including india producing and selling in handsome quantity.

Why Peoples keep this Lucky Cat?

Lucky Cat statue is symbolic guard against negative energies. This is good feng shui cure if you wants to guard your money box from evil eyes.

“Japanese strongly believe that keeping a talisman of good luck like this Money/Lucky cat idol in own residential or commercial building will bring all the favorable results and success in life.” – Wiki

How to use this ‘Money Cat’ for ‘Good luck’?

These Lucky cat figurine / statues are generally placed on reception counters, main door of business or anywhere in offices and home at the entrance.

As Money/Lucky Cat is considered for Good Luck, the best direction to place this statue is wealth corner of Workplace or Home. So you can place this figurine in the southeast direction. It can also keep on reception counter or entrance gate, which will bring prosperity with business growth.

Where to Buy these Money/ Lucky Cats?

We suggest that Cat idol should be with raised right or left arm or sometimes both the arms signifying financial abundance. So we at have a complete list of best Lucky / Money Cat Statue which is solar power operated on this online store at reasonable prices.

You can also find these at high street markets or any religious items shop etc. but make sure that you are buying the statue with raised hand. Happy Shopping !

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