karwa chauth gift ideas for wife

Pocket Friendly Top 10 Karwa Chauth Gift ideas for wife under Rs. 2000/-

Hey guys! Welcome to the blog. Hope i am reaching you all in good time and health! Today, we are going to talk about the most precious, honest, loyal, beautiful and abundant festival in india that is ‘Karwa Chauth’. Also this article includes our assorted list of top 10 karwa chauth gift ideas for wife, those are pocket friendly too.

Do you know? The Karwa chauth is a one-day festival celebrated by hindu women from north india, four days after purnima (a full moon) in the month of kartika. The festival falls on the fourth day after the full moon, in the hindu lunisolar calendar month of kartik.

On karva chauth, the married women, especially in northern india, fast from sunrise to moonrise wishing the safety and longevity of their husbands. Karwa chauth is a significant day in the lives of hindu women.

You should know that karwa chauth most awaited hindu festival for every indian married women. You can find decorated markets in karwa chauth week, where women enjoy their shopping spree and many more.

So why not gift her a awesome surprise while she’s doing so much for you. Let’s have a look on 10 most precious and ravishing gifts for your wives on this karva chauth that too under just Rs. 2000/

1. Unique Award trophy with title ‘Best Wife’

worlds best wife

Perfect to surprise someone you love the most. Made of alloy material it comes in attractive golden color, this trophy is the best gift to convey your feelings to your love. She’s doing this much for you because you undoubtedly is his number one.

Why not to tag her as best wife or as no. 1 too? You can gift her an award of being always the number 1 when you needed her, you demanded her , you were sick , you were in a trouble she’s the one who stood up rock solid by your side. Let’s make her the choice of your universe by awarding her number 1 trophy of being a best wife this karva chauth.

2. Best Wife Gift Combo

Best Wife Gift Combo

How does it feel when you pay for 1 and get 4 such tremendously beautiful items. Here’s the best combo gift option – A bonanza combo offer to gift your beautiful mate this karwa chauth.

As shown in picture, this beautiful cushion cover with filler is all set to give her the utmost comfort, also this cushion cover print has been made keeping in mind that she can remember you all the time. Celebrate in a special way with this beautiful gifts combo pack for your worthy wife this karwa chauth.

This combo pack has all the things that will make your celebration more joyous & cheerful with the super cute greeting card & surprise him with this adorable cushion cover, printed coffee mug, and key ring. These Printed stuff will remind her of you whenever she’ll have a cup of coffee and this key ring will carry you around her whenever she drives off somewhere.

3. Huggable Big Teddy Bear for Wife

Huggable Big Teddy Bear

Teddy bears have always been a favourite thing to every girl women and lady. This might be the favourite of yours too. This karwa chauth, gift her a present which keeps her reminding of you when you’re not around.

Teddy bear comfortably huggable and amazingly lovable are only a few words to describe this new extra large teddy bear addition to the giant teddy family of teddy bears which you can also give a cute name such as ‘angel’.  

Soft and cuddly filling, huggable and loveable for your wife, teach your wife the act of hugging with the help of these teddies. Super soft plush materials for huggable loveable joy and keeps your love alive even when you’re not around.

4. Personalized Couple Name and Photo Bangle

Personalized Couple Name and Photo Bangle

Bangles are traditionally a part of the solah shringar of indian brides. It is mandatory for newly-wed brides and would-be-brides to wear bangles made of glass, gold or other metals as they signify the long life of the husband.

But Now the trend is of bangles which carries couple photo with the names. They signify good fortune and prosperity too. Have a look on this highly versatile and unbelievable personalised bangle which will give a wow look on your wife’s face when you’ll gift her.

It is highly personalized bangle design and the photo in the bangles to the name of couple, everything can be customized as per demand. You can mention the name and the photos you want at the time of order. Try this once and give a thrilling surprise to your wife this karwa chauth.

5. Safety and Self Defence Gift for your Working Wife

Self Defence Gift

Besides all jewellery, flowers, cakes, gifts and presents, let’s choose something different on this karwa chauth. Let’s take an oath to protect our wives with evil eyes forever and what about the scenarios where you’ll not be there?

We have this backup gift idea for this need. Self defense opens up this source of freedom for women in an imperfect world. Building confidence in physical resistance skills allows your wife to feel more capable and more at peace when in potentially dangerous areas as they know the proper techniques to help fend off an attacker.

Have a look on some awesome self defence items which will give you a real sense of belongingness while gifting to your wife, this will enhance the power of your love towards each other. And this is something which your wife needs besides all other gifts.

6. All in one Body Care Combo

All in one Body Care Combo

There is no wife on planet, who doesn’t like beauty care gifts? Everyone dies! Gift your wife this all in one combo, almost all the products is known for its invigoration properties, has been combined with the gentleness of smooth properties which retains the skin’s moisture to keep it soft.

The combination of these ingredients leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. It preserves the young nature of skin giving your wife a perfect complexion. It protects her skin and gives a youthful and young look. All of this will give her softer, smoother, more radiant-looking skin.

Trust me your wife is going to love this gift as these beauty items are going to help her skin to retain its natural moisture rather than stripping it away. This even helps to replenish nutrients that are lost during the cleansing process. So buy this gift by clicking on product picture and make your wife’s karwa chauth wonderful this year.

7. Coffee De-Stress Gift Kit for Your Wife

Coffee De-Stress Gift Kit for Your Wife

Caffeine is generally known for its awesome properties of mental alertness as well as the right way to manage stress and tiredness. No more stressing over regular gifting, especially when it’s the holy karwa chauth.

The coffee de-stress gift kit should be your gifting choice for expressing boldness. This kit is infused with the benefits of coffee. Coffee is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and keeps the skin healthy. Also Coffee is an excellent exfoliate and also reduces cellulite and polishes the body.

It is also a rich source of natural caffeine that tones the skin. The add-on to the benefits is the zesty aroma of freshly grounded arabica coffee which elevates the senses and de-stresses. Trust me, this coffee de-stress gift kit is the perfect pick for your wife.

8. Ready to Wear Saree for Fashionable Wife

Modern wifes wears modern western cloths. Traditional sarees creates mess for them but on the different occasions she need to wear saree. If your wife also struggle with this problem then this ready to wear saree can be perfect gift for her this karwa chauth.

Till today saree is an integral part of indian weddings. The traditional saree is more than just another cloth. There are significant meaning and symbolism attached to it in form of colors or designs. The patterns and colors of the saree depicts beliefs, virtues, and the region from where the person come from.

Specially in india, saree is the main code of ethic in every house, this karwa chauth gift your mate a unbelievingly beautiful ready to wear saree with aromatic assorted colours. Explore the collection of beautifully designed saree by clicking on the picture.

Our listed each piece is elegantly crafted and will surely add to your wardrobe. You wife can pair this piece with heels or flats for a graceful look. Give your wife an authentic look this karwa chauth, make her reflect the glitter via indian beautiful culture.

9. Neck and Back Massager Pillow for ‘Home-Maker Wifes’

Neck and Back Massager Pillow for wife

We are all aware that now a days, lives has become more robotic and all of us has less time to give to ourselves. Your wife handles work of home or say if she is home-maker, she might gets tired usually due to the work, even if she’s in job, she’s on duty 24×7.

In this scenario you should definitely gift her awesome massager support this karwa chauth. This neck and back massager pillow wraps gently around the neck for relaxing the head and neck muscles and provides super soft and best support simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck.

The pillow is very soft, so you can also twist it in several positions and control how tight it will be around your neck with the ropes. This will definitely release stress and pain from her body and she’ll feel relaxed surely for a while.

10. Portable Neck Fan for Wife in Kitchen

portable neck fan for wife

She cooks for us & our family. The day or night, she is anytime ready to cook for family members. During summer, she drops off in sweat all over but still prepares meals for us on time. Why not to gift her a product which will bring a wide smile on her face!

Every penny you spend on this material is worthy and she’ll roll in happiness once she’ll look into this. This hands free personal neck fan is small in size and mobile-easily portable. As shown in picture, this hands free fan is designed as a headphone to free your hands anywhere; fashion style makes you look so cool.

Hanging around your neck, also suitable for traveling in hot weather, saved you from the embarrassment of dripping with a sudden sweat in public on numerous occasions. It also comes with an adjustable speed and much more.

What’s Next?

So, here we came to an end of our assorted list of karwa chauth gift ideasLast but not least, we’d like to mention that all husbands out there, we know that your bond is priceless. You should definitely show that you care her.

Let’s make this karwa chauth more loyal, joyous, free, lovable, caring and most importantly the most remember-able day of your life. Relationship between a husband and a wife is way more realistic and this thread can never be broken ever.

So, I hope you are agree with me that ‘Karwa chauth’ brings more feeling of belongingness and the love of this journey gets thickened with every year. Let us bring an assense to your relationship!  Check out these products to bring a wide smile on her face this karwa chauth

At the end , we just wish you both a happy life ahead, may this karwa chauth brings you immense amount of happiness in your lives & may both of you live thousand years together and be the happiest couple alive on earth. 

Happy day ahead! Stay inside! Stay safe!

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