Top 10 Indian Hindu Mythology Books

Top 10 Indian Mythology Books to Read Before You Turn 30

Indian Mythology Books

Hey guys, I am sakshi and once again I am here to discuss about Best Indian Mythology Books. In the time of lockdown we have watched Ramayana and Mahabharata again. These shows brings back the memories of our childhood. How we all used to watch these shows in our childhood with our families.

We have also heard the stories from our parents and grandparents in their times how the whole village used to gather in once house or on a group to watch Ramayana and Mahabharata. Many versions of these ancient books have been made and telecasted.

Have you ever wondered why the shows made explaining same story are different from each other? The reason behind this is the point of view of maker and narrator.

Do you love reading? and Do you love mythology? If you love to read different versions of Indian mythology, below books are must read. You can choose the book from this list of Top 10 Indian Hindu Mythology Books below and then order your copy from 🙂

1. Shiva Triology by Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi book

If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva you will love this series of books. Shiva Triology tells the story of Lord Shiva and Devi Sati, author has explained it using his own imagination and it revolves around a extraordinary man named shiva.

It is a story of 4000 years ago which is called Morden Kalyug. In 1900 BC what people now call Indus Valley was known as Meluha, the place where lord Ram lived years ago, people of this land call Suryavanshi’s. This once pround empire and its Suryavanshi rulers face severe perils as its primary river, the revered Saraswati, is slowly drying to extinction.

This is the story of conflicts between Suryavanshi’s and Chandravanshi’s. There are two other communities – Naga’s the physically disorientated people, the one who born with deformities and the Vayuputra’s, the devotee of Lord Shiva. The story revolves around how one person made these communities come together and respect each other.

Amish Tripathi is a well-known author. He is mostly famous for his mythological work. Shiva Triology is one of his best books.  It is purely a work of fiction, the series consist of 3 books  (Immortals of Mehula, The secret of Naga’s and The Oath of Vayuputra’s).

2. The Ramachandra Series by Amish Tripathi

The Ramachandra Series by Amish Tripathi

Since childhood we have heard and watched ramayana so much. If you are a fan of amish tripathi then you should must read the Ramachandra Series. It is a fictional adaptation of hindu mythological book Ramayana.  

Ramachandra series consists of 5-6 books and 3 of them are released yet (Iskon of Ishkavaku- Ram, Warrior of Mithila – Sita and The enemy of aryavarta – Raavan). The vision of author behind these 3 books shows a same situation with the eyes of three different characters of the book-Ram, Sita and Raavan. As we all know these three are the main characters in ramayana.

These three books show the story from birth of the character to sita haran. As author says that before sita haran the story shows from the point of view of each character and with fourth book there will be one story.

This series reflects some different theories about Ram’s birth, warrior side of Sita, struggle of Raavan. It is a new approach of writing and reader seems to like the approach. The fourth book is on its way. We hope you will love to read the new version of ramayana.

3. Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kane

Lanka's Princess by Kavita Kane

While watching ramayan or listening to stories from our dadi/nani we heard the incident where lakshman cut’s surpankha’s nose. We have always seen her as one of the villains in ramayana. Have you ever thought what made her do that? Have you ever think of listening to her side of story.?

There are always two side of coins. Have you ever put yourself in her shoes? Have you ever thought what made her Surpankha? Was Surpankha her real name? Well all of these questions are answered by kavita kane beautifully in her book Lanka’s Princess. This book tells the story from the birth of Meenakshi and how did she become Surpankha. Surpankha means the woman “as hard as her nails”.

This book shed light on the relationship between Meenakshi with her brothers, specially Raavan and her mother. How, she always treated badly by her mother because of her looks.  How the death of her nani and her husband changed her completely. She is the most misunderstood character of ramayana. Her life is filled with misery and revenge. Accused of manipulating raavan and ram which resulted into a disturbed war.

The author has beautiful explained the situations and shed some light om reality. This book is must read for a mythology lover.

4. Ajaya by Aanand Neelakantan

Ajaya by Aanand Neelakantan

It is said that history is always written by winners and losers are always shown as villian. The Book Ajaya opposes the common believes and tells us the story form the point of view of kaurava’s mainly Duryodhana.

Ajaya is a fictional representation of Mahabharata. It is a two book series first is Ajaya – The Roll of Dice and second is Ajaya- The Rise of Kali. The actual mahabharat which is usually seen on television and read is nothing to do with this books. We can say both are poles apart. History represents kaurava’s as villians but this book shed a light on how suyodhan (famously known as Duryodhana) is always bullied by bheem since childhood, how krishna help arjuna steal his first love, subhadra and many more stories like this.

Aanad Neelakantan is a famous author, communist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational speaker. He has written books in English and Malayalam about Indian Mythology. This book may be provoking to certain people but this is purely a work of fiction. This is something every student should read to provoke the thought process and shows the importance of looking at all possible perspectives.

5. Prem Purana by Usha Narayana

Prem Purana by Usha Narayana

 This book explains that love is something which can happen to anyone, be it deva (Gods), asura (demon), kings and nymphs. Like human love their love also go through trials. Read how Lord Ganesha took many forms to please Riddhi and Siddhi, how Raavan shared a loving bond with mandodari, how neil and damyanti’s love goes through so many trials and tested, goes through agony, betrayal and sapration.

Usha Narayana is an Indian author. She writes in romance, mystery, thriller and mythology genre. Her book Prem Purana is the collection of short stories of mythological romance. In this book she narrates the stories of love, romance and separation through mythological characters.

Prem Purana is a good book for beginners, the language is easy to understand and so simple to understand. While reading this book you will surely go through lot of emotions. We suggest you to keep a box of tissue with you. 😉

6. ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by  Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

'The Palace of Illusions' by  Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Book ‘The Palace of Illusions’ shows the story of Mahabharata from the point of view of Draupadi. Draupadi is considered one of strongest characters in the history of Indian mythology.

This book shows the life journey of Paachali, the Princess of Paachal, the yagyaseni, born from the fire of yagya, the lady with the purest of character, how did she had to marry five brothers, from living her life listening to the judgements and comments of the society to the life changing and most disgraceful event of history, Cheerharan at the court of hastinapur. She has seen all in her life.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award winning novelist and poet. This book is definitely a pagetuner. Not just with the ancient times, this book is also relatable to the current situation of women in society. You may find some similarities with today’s society. Some things can never be changed. This is one of my favorite Indian Hindu Mythology Book, and surely must read for everyone.

7. ‘Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu’ by Antar Atreya

Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu' by Antar Atreya

Antar Atreya is a young author who wrote this book at the age of 24. This book is 2019’s best debut novel.  Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu asks a question, Will God Turn Corrupt Too? This is an unusual question as we have turned towards God in search of honesty. If God himself get corrupt, it will disbalance the foundation of trust and honesty.

A mythological fantasy is not just about a hero v/s a villian. It’s about the dwell between the inner hero and devil of a person. The book tells the story of last avatar of Lord Vishnu, Kalki, it is believed that in every yuga Lord Vishnu takes birth as human to banish evil from the earth. In Kaliyuga Lord took avatar as kalki to banish evil and created a new world, but this new world has issues too.

The person who is supposed to mentor and guide the mortals, he himself becomes the victim to the lures of excessive power. He starts to think himself as Lord. He controls the earths and makes an army of brutal overlords known as Daitya. To help people to overcome the torture and sins of this person a mortal takes birth with divine destiny. The question rises will he accept his destiny and help people? Or he himself will become corrupt? To get the answers get your copy from

8. ‘The Sage’s Secret’ by Abhinav

'The Sage's Secret' by Abhinav

 From the childhood we have heard the stories how Gods take avatar to earth to balance the Good and Evil. We have seen many shows and read how lord Vishu took avatar of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, both are totally different in the nature but the ultimate motive of the avatar is to balance the good and the evil. I am sure, you have heard that in Kaliyug Lord Vishu will take his tenth avatar as Kalki and will balance the good and evil on the earth.

As we are living in the Kaliyug and haven’t seen any avatar since we have seen so many bad things happening around us. Have you ever thought What if the legend of Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, is an elaborate hoax created by Lord Krishna?

This book revolves around this question. This is about the year 2025 where a twenty year old boy starts dreaming about krishna but these dreams are too different from the image of krishna he has in his mind. He sees through the schemes of krishna and starts thinking himself as the last avatar of vishu. i.e. Kalki. In his dreams he is sure that he is the one who was sent to maintain the balance between good and evil.

Will he continue to think the same when he wakes up? Will he do something for the betterment of the society? These questions make me anxious too. To read this thriller mythology fantasy order now on

9. ‘The Krishna Key’ by Ashwin Sanghi

The Krishna Key' by Ashwin Sanghi

There are so many theories out there about the tenth and last avatar of Lord Vishnu, the legend of Kalki. The author Ashwin Sanghi has penned down a thriller and mythological fantasy around it. This is author’s third book and it revolves around a history professor who is trying to prove his innocence against a murder charge.

In attempt to prove his innocence professor looks into the history of indian mythology and uncover that krishna has given a prophecy that Lord Vishnu will take his last avatar in kalyug as Kalki and the person who believes himself as Kalki must be the murderer. This person kills people on the name of God. Professor reads many articles and manuscripts about the Indian mythological history related to kalki and krishna, he looks around and try to find dwarika, he visits to vrindavan and any possible places which can help him to solve the puzzle of krishna and kalki.

The author narrative is very interesting and thrilling. This page turner shed lights on the post mahabharata events and shows how dawrka got destroyed through the Professor of history. Author beautifully narrated the story and also portrayed Lord Krishna in his word along with the thriller storyline. This book is a must read for the thriller lovers.

10.  ‘Asura : Tale of the Vanquished’ by Aanand Neelakantan

Asura : Tale of the Vanquished' by Aanand Neelakantan

 We have taught that while making any decision we should hear story of both sides. We have been taught that there are two sides of coin. But when it comes to our idol why do we not follow this? Since childhood we have been told that Pandava’s are good and Kaurava’s are bad, Ram is good Raavan is bad. Why did we not question that? Why don’t we decide ourselves that?

This book teaches us the value of questioning and deciding ourselves. Author beautifully portrayed the story by the point of view of Raavan. In this book God of mythology have turned into villians and villians becomes more relatable to us. Once there must be two powerful forces and only one can be prevailed.

This book portrays Sita as the daughter of Raavan and in his own Indian fashion way, he decides to kidnap her. In her resistance but having a fatherly concern he did this for her wellbeing. The corruption of Asura Empire is similar as today’s corruption in our country.

It is relatable that the time changed, people changed but the system still remains the same. The story gets interesting after the death of Raavan, how caste system got prevailed in lanka. This book could feel a bit stretched but this explains a lot about Raavana.

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Reading is so relaxing, isn’t it? I myself spent my quarantine reading these Indian Mythology Books and trust me these are the most mind-blowing and relaxing books i have read. Somewhere between our daily routine office, college and other responsibilities we have lost our passion of reading. Sometimes we have too much work sometimes we are tired, sometimes we don’t find our choice of book at nearest bookstore. Leave those worries to us.

We here at promise you to deliver books of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Go to and order Top 10 Indian Mythology Books of your choice. For more articles like these, watch the space. Do comment below and let us know how you find this article and what kind of articles you want from us in future. We are trying our best to give you best products and services which soothes your soul. I will be back soon with something interesting, till then, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Happy Reading!

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