10 Powerful Gayatri Mantra Items to attract Good Luck in Life

Don’t you believe that we indians believe in good luck and fortune that we have accepted it in our everyday lives! Keeping things that give good fortune is very common in almost every house these days! Some people are lucky those who get good luck automatically. Here we are telling you ideas to bring positivity using gayatri mantra related products.

gayatri mantra sticker

Of Course they have done good to people that is why good came to them. Trust me people, god has to do a lot when it comes to luck and fortune. So here we have products that are good for your house and keep the positivity of your house through god.

Here I have a list of gayatri mantra related gifting and decor products prepared for all those people who believe that good luck and good fortune should be around them and their house and also for them who believe that good luck must be gifted and shared.

These products will surely bring happiness and positivity as all of them have the Gayatri Mantra theme on them that brings serenity and makes everything good. So here we have our full list:

1. Gayatri Mantra Chanting Machine for Meditation

Gayatri Mantra idea
68 – Mantras

Don’t you feel serene and peaceful if the name of god is everything you hear all the day? It is so peaceful, isn’t it? This Gayatri mantra chanting machine makes the atmosphere so divine and positive that you may never wish to stop it. The non-stop chanting mantra creates a beautiful aura wherever played. With no other chaos you can easily do any other work in your home.

The machine can be placed anywhere in the house. It is better if you place it in the mandir of your house. Yes, the most divine place! The mantra chanting in itself is so peaceful that you can feel relaxed and sing along with it.

It can be purposely used while small poojas and havana at your home. With a very reasonable price, you can bring good fortune if you really believe that it is the ultimate source of good luck and peace for you and your family.

2. Shri Gayatri Yantra for Success in Job

Gayatri Mantra idea
Brass & Wood In 16 cm.

Shri gayatri yantra is believed to have spiritual aspirations and is very much believed to have good and peaceful fortune. The chanting of gayatri mantra is “Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachdayat” that gives peace and protection from negative energies. The gayatri yantra keeps your interest in spirituality at home or office or at any place kept.

The product is best to keep at home for prosperity and good luck. You can also give it to your friends and family who are spiritual enough and they can keep it at their workplace. Believe me guys it gives positivity if kept in the living room, study room, office or cabin because there you will have maximum satisfaction for keeping positivity.

Also, all your diversion will go there and you will keep chanting it again and again. So get one for yourself or give it to your friends. Spread good luck!

3. Gayatri Mantra 3d Light Lamp for Living Room

Gayatri Mantra idea
7 colors flash

Light up your house with this very amazing gayatri mantra 3d led night lamp. This 3d night lamp has a gayatri mantra engraved on it which lightens up when switched on. With this unique and cost effective product, you can lighten the pooja room, living room or drawing room with beautiful decor and ambience.

This colorful lamp will remind you of the spirituality and positivity that you will get everytime you watch it. It not only brightens the ambience wherever kept, it also brings peace and serenity. This gayatri mantra 3d night lamp has very low maintenance and is a very suitable product to give it to your loved ones.

Because this beautiful 3d lamp will not only decorate their house but will also get good luck with the blessings of goddess Saraswati. The lamp is multi purpose and is for people who strongly believe in getting blessings from the goddess and who think that it will prosper them.

4. Gayatri Mantra Car Mirror Hanging for Safe Journey

Gayatri Mantra idea

Your car is the most visited place! Isn’t it? So, why not to keep it safe from any evil and negative energy. The gayatri mantra car hanging is a beautiful and unique product for those who want this symbol as the love and blessing from goddess Saraswati. Also, the gayatri mantra that is dedicated to goddess Saraswati is believed to enhance focus and peace.

The mantra not only enhances focus but also helps improve family ties, helps in bringing financial luck, prosperity and luck. So gayatri mantra car hanging is the unique product that will make you believe that you want to get good fortune all the time you sit in the car.

This will bring positivity in the car and can be easily tied in the car with a rope that will be convenient to hang in the car mirror. The car hanging will illuminate the blessings of goddess Saraswati and will keep all the focus on the mantra chanting and spirituality.

5. Gayatri Mantra Jewelry for Mindfulness

Gayatri Mantra idea

We all indians are so fond of trending jewellery, that is ethnic and classic at the same time. With all the trending jewellery in the market that is gold and silver plated, gayatri mantra jewellery is very much in fashion and will totally change the loom of your outfit.

A very precious thing about gayatri mantra jewellery is that it not only goes with any look but also spreads the positive vibrations of the gayatri mantra around the body till the time it is worn. Be it pendants, lockets, rings or earrings, everything has a gayatri mantra engraved on it that makes it look beautiful and attractive.

This unique concept has various other range of jewellery pieces that can be worn with any outfit and also if you have your friends who believe in spirituality and having the blessings of goddess Sraswati all the time, then this is the best thing you can give it to them. So try it now guys! Trust me you will love your new look with all the spirituality in it.

6. Gayatri Mantra Fridge Magnet for Positivity in Kitchen

Gayatri Mantra idea
Multi-Uses Magnet item

Want to give your fridge a contemporary look? No, that is not outdated! Try it now! Gayatri mantra fridge magnet is a wonderful product to get a new look for your fridge. The magnet has the gayatri mantra on it. It is one of the best pieces to get good luck and fortune at your home.

Because the fridge is the most used thing at our place! So everytime you use it, you will catch attention to it. And not only you, all the people in your family will get positivity and strength by looking at it everytime. The fridge magnet is available in attractive colours to brighten the background of the fridge as well.

The vibes get more strong if the magnet is placed correctly and at the position where it catches the attention of everybody. This was not in trend before but now this can be gifted to your loved ones and to anybody who believes that spirituality gives strength.

7. Powerful Gayatri Mantra Prayer Shawl

Gayatri Mantra idea

Yes we have a wide range of religious shawls with almost every colour and mantra embossed on it. This can be the best gift to give to your mother or grandmother who finds the essence of spirituality and god everywhere because this surely is a unique piece for everybody out there.

Also, the fabric and printing is so tenderly qualified that it will automatically give a fabulous look when worn by the ladies out there. There are two purposes if you buy the product. One, you will have a fashion trend like never before and second, the prayer on it will always keep you close to God and will give you strength in hard times.

Shawls and woolens become essentials in winters. And women mostly get shawls that are ethnic and go with every outfit of theirs. Here we bring you unique design shawls that are religious as well as ethnic. Isn’t it amazing?

8. Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging

Gayatri Mantra idea

Wall hangings are one such thing that increases the beauty of the house or workplace. Keeping wall decors of god and spiritual things. With all the hard times and difficulties going on, people find it difficult to face them with all the strength and power.

Keeping such decors at home will help in getting such strength and support. We know this very well! So we have gayatri mantra terracotta wall hangings for you that are beautifully designed and are made with good quality terracotta.

The product can be placed anywhere at home or at the workplace to spread peace and serenity because the gayatri mantra in itself is so pure and divine. It helps in meditating, and getting power from god. The piece will give a contemporary look to your place with divinity. Also it is a right thing to present it to your loved ones! So hurry, buy it now!

9. Gayatri Mantra with Om Sticker

Gayatri Mantra idea

We all know that gayatri chanting is the best thing to meditate and keep all the focus at one place. The mantra goes with the word “Om” which in itself has so much of strength and peace. So is it not a great idea to get good luck and better fortune with this gayatri mantra with Om sticker?

His font is beautifully designed and eye catching that keeps all the evil energies away from you. This wall sticker with “Om” on it will bring divine energy and will have positive vibes all over the house. The sticker has its best place in the pooja room.

This is a best product if you want to have health, happiness and fortune amongst you and your loved ones. The sticker has so good quality that it can be applicable to rough or uneven surface that will not weaken the adhesive strength and will not do any harm to the walls or any materials where it has been pasted.

10. Gayatri Mantra Sadhna avam Upasana Book

Gayatri Mantra book

Gayatri mantra sadhna avam upasana book is the best to read and place in your pooja room and is a wonderful item to get prosperity and wealth. This is one of those things that has been written in the ancient texts and has been proven to get peace and divinity directly from the god.

With its many mythological and scientific reasons related to it, it is also believed that reading mantras from this book will keep you away from all the negative powers and all the diseases that are bad for health. The sadhna and upasana book is also known to get rid of all your pains and problems.

Anyone can attain inner peace with this book and I believe that there is nothing best apart from this to give it to the ones you know are in trouble or are facing any kind of problem. Chanting mantras from this is directly getting connected to god and bringing good fortune!

Final Words

So friends, with all these wonderful items, you can easily get and attract positivity amongst yourself because keeping these items around you is in itself a wonderful idea to attract good luck.

Because after all luck comes to those who work hard to get it! Mostly each of them is good to be placed in Indians homes so that it directly connects you to god and goddess saraswati specially. The gayatri mantra is very powerful in itself that people find it a way to chant the mantra anytime throughout the day.

Getting any of these gayatri mantra related product, it is inviting serenity and divinity and blessings from the almighty. With the multi-purpose reasons any of these products is best to help you with meditation, getting strength and having a positive aura around.

With these gayatri mantra gifting and home decor items we also have collection of other divine stuff at very reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your favourite item now!

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