how to get Free Tarot Card Reading in India

Top 20 Ways to get 100% Free Tarot Card Reading in India

Hey Guys, Are you searching for free tarot card reading options? If yes, then this article is going to help you a lot. I am Akshita and today writing on this new interesting topic about amazing ways to get free tarot card reading at just one click.

Hindi and English Bilingual Deck Cards

Friends, now a days tarot card reading is very popular among Indian youth because everytime something bad happens, they think of taking advice from fortune tellers specially tarot card readers. Tarot readings may not be affordable for everyone so with these tricks you can get one free with your skills and smartness and of course the technology.

I want to tell you that even if you are unable to visit a tarot expert, here are some ways where you can get your readings free of cost or with minimal prices. It is possible only because of the rise in technology, you can find best tarot card reader online and have sessions that you might have with them in person. Read this full article to choose best free option for you.

1. Free Tarot Reading mobile apps for iphone users

Usually iphone users face problem of not having apps they desire for. But this is not with tarot apps. If you have an iphone, you also have ample of options to download to get a good experience with tarot sessions.

Apps like ‘Keen’, ‘Tarot Reading’ are some of the good apps that can be downloaded by IOS users free of cost and they can get a good experience of tarot sessions. These apps has tarot reading sessions where you can come up with your problems and that would be analysed by some great tarot experts out there.

On the other hand, most of the apps uses artificial intelligence for better user experience. With these apps, you can pull any tarot card and you can learn about it. It might connect with your energies and you might get a solution to the problem related to your love life or personal life.

Similarly ‘Daily Tarot Plus app’ for iphone users is also very effective. This is basically a daily horoscope app that comes across all your answers related to money, work or love life. You can also try the app with name ‘Tarot Card Reading & Astrology’, which is provided by Touchzing media pvt. ltd.

2. Free Tarot Reading Apps for Android Users

a). Yes or No Tarot

This is a daily horoscope app and it will make it possible for you to eliminate all your confusion with the help of Tarot cards. It will provide you with the meaning of all Tarot cards and will tell you if your wish is going to be fulfilled or not.

b). Trusted Tarot

In this app, you will get all about your loving doubt, breakup, dating, separation, getting back with your ex and many more. Here you will also get answers for your health related doubts and get answers for problems related to work, money and studies.

c). InstantGo

You can know more about your dream, Ambitions, Travel, career, success, luck, marriage, keys of your life, emotional and mental state and will help you in making decisions. It will also tell you how your year is going to be and will give you monthly reading also. With you being an android user, you have so many other options for free readings.

You can simply download these apps from playstore and explore them anytime you want, as the magic cards are now going to be in your pocket all the time.

3. Free Tarot Reading apps for Windows Mobile Users

If you are a windows mobile user, we have another separate list of tarot apps that you may access for free, although it hardly makes a difference that you are a windows user but we have categorised the list with few apps. Some of them are:

a). Celti Cross Tarot

This app can helps you in getting answers on your life questions and is one of the most popular and oldest apps for windows users.

b). Labyrinthos Tarot

The application is well based to tell your fortune and shows you a fresh perspective of your life. It is mobile friendly and good user interface for easy understanding, highly recommended.

c). Online Tarot Plus Psychic Read

One of the best apps for windows users where on the basis of tarot decks, you may be able to get a good future prediction of your life. The app also provides you with the online readings and gives you the opportunity to ask any question related to your life.

4. Best Tarot Reading Websites for Laptop / PC uses.

If you frequently operate laptop or computers rather than mobile, we have a list of free tarot websites that you can easily access for free tarot sessions. Apart from that, many social media platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedin can also be accessed for getting free tarot readings or mini trials by the tarot readers that are beginners.

I believe that these are the best platforms to get connected with the experts by just following them and getting regular updates on your horoscope and sun signs with tarot too. 

Our Suggested Websites are: 


One of the best option you don’t want to pay anything to tarot readers. We can’t guarantee but they claims 2.8 million registered visitors, which is seriously huge fan base. Must try this website. 


Another pretty good website that has an option to call the experts and ask them questions for free. The consultation is free in many languages. Go and checkout this. 


Best one for Tarot Reading and Astrology. They have paid option but a few minutes can be accessed for free. If you like it then can be considered for paid option for the consultation about your love life, marriage, money matters and remedies to be followed.

5. Best Free Tarot Reading Mobile Friendly Websites

If you are facing problem in accessing these tarot reading websites on mobile because of the bad user interface. Here I have some good suggestions for mobile friendly tarot reading websites.

Also I suggest you to make it a habit to join and subscribe RSS feeds regularly for reading new updates in your email box. This will enhance your knowledge on tarot readings and you will get free regular updates. Here we have few websites that you can access on your mobile for free tarot readings.

a).Biddy tarot

One such website that gives you free access to readings. The website has international tarot experts also to give you free advice on your personal matters. You just have to click on the request to get free tarot advice and there you go!

b). Lotus tarot

( this is also mobile friendly website with very good user interface to get live and online tarot readings for free. You just need to shuffle the decks on your own and you’ll be started!

6. Easily Get Free Tarot Reading on Youtube

I think youtube is one of the best platforms for beginners as well as for those who want to learn more about tarot readings. Many of us want to get a free tarot session so that we get the predictions that we are waiting for.

There are many tarot readers who have created their channels on youtube and they post tarot reading related videos regularly. Also, they give an open opportunity to ask any question related to anything that is going in your life, specially in live sessions on sundays.

Every tarot reader want to increase subscriber base so they love to offer free readings too. You should definitely ask your questions in live sessions, if they fail to get your question, you can leave your question in the comment box and it will surely be answered.

Youtube is the best platform to search for tarot reading in free and also if the concept of tarot is new to you, you can ask the experts about it also with absolutely no charge. 

7. Create Your Own Tarot Cards at Home

Tarot being an interesting art to learn, almost everyone becomes eager to learn it. It is so interesting that you can practice it at home by creating your own cards with different meanings and in accordance with the sun signs. You can take help of any tarot association and join it as a volunteer if you are thinking to begin this as your art.

With a deck of 78 cards, symbolising different energies, you can create some of them for fun learning. Because after so much of learning from you tube, social media and other tarot platforms, you have to practice it to become a master. Trust me guys it will be fun with gaining knowledge! You can practice it with your friends and family. 

With this, you will get an exposure of psychic reading as well. So if you are just a beginner, start taking your own sessions from home and slowly get it on a larger level with improving your skills. You can find some good videos and blogs on internet to design your own tarot deck.

8. Buy One from Amazon for Lifetime Free Access

Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Yes guys! Amazon works here also. This will be good ideas, Why dont you buy 1 tarot reading set for you? You can cover this buying cost later by charging to others tarot readings. If not, still you can have these cards for your whole life, so don’t need to pay for tarot reading.

After buying you own tarot card deck, you can learn using these by joining free tutorials available on youtube and google. Hence, As you don’t have to pay for card readings for the life time, So it can be called that you will have tarot card readings for free.

Amazon also has exciting old literature books on tarot reading that has been written by great tarot experts. By reading these quiz materials and books available online, you can enhance your knowledge of tarot reading and can also find answers to the problems you have by the methods being told in the books that are written by experienced authors.

9. Join Affiliate of Tarot Deck Sellers to get One Deck Free

With your smartness and network building, you can start affiliating with tarot deck sellers online. Simply search with these keword on google and join affiliate program you like. Then you can also ask to get one tarot deck for marketing.

Another way is to join affiliate of big tarot reader website to get atleast your readings for free. In return you can promote them on your social pages and write good reviews on different platforms. Believe me it works mostly. If this idea works for you, pls don’t forget to share your experience with us or just comment below on this article.

10. Free Tarot Reading on Tarot Forums / Facebook Pages

With so much material available on the internet for free, you have a very good option for joining free tarot card reading courses on facebook pages or on tarot forums itself. Keep frequently visiting these tarot forums to get latest updates and news on the related topics.

The tarot forums give a great opportunity to the learners and the beginners to join these courses for free so that they get more interest in this. With all the cards and their significant meanings, it becomes difficult for the learner to get to know what each card signifies.

Free courses on the same also offers free readings for the followers, mostly beginners offer such free readings for their initial practice, you can get the real answer with more one to one focus for which you were looking for!

11. Download Free Tarot Book and Deck to Print Online

Believe or not but if you google this, definitely you can find some good pdf with tarot material, available on Tarot blogs / websites. You can easily get to know and learn about it as much as you can because learning knows no end.

You can easily access tarot related content in pdf format by downloading them online. Get print of these and read them to learn all the technicalities of tarot card reading. This will help you in reading for your own future using own tarot card deck.

These free PDF tarot books makes you understand the procedure for the taking the sessions and also about the decks. If you are a beginner, reading books will always help you in knowing the meaning of decks and how energies are transferred.

12. Other Tips to Get Free Tarot Card Reading or Free Learnings

  • Search for mini free tarot card reading.
  • Ask your questions on tarot forums.
  • Join and listen tarot podcast for free.
  • Get free card readings with referral sales.
  • Join free seminars and expo related to tarot.
  • Search for tarot reading gift vouchers online.
  • Post polite request on website contact page.
  • Ask free question on tarot live programmers.
  • Ask for free tarot readings from beginners.
  • Give your services and get free tarot reading.
  • Search for online quiz & give aways by tarot readers.
  • Request old tarot literature books / magazine for free.
  • Get answers in tarot lives specially on youtube & facebook.
  • Provide free value to them to get free tarot reading in exchange.
  • Request to join local tarot association learner volunteer.
  • Offer best video review on social media if get free reading.
  • Help tarot readers in promoting their business to get yours free.
  • Join rss feed of tarot readers website for free regular learning updates.
  • Follow top tarot card readers on facebook, twitter, linkdin, telegram, instagram.
  • Build relationships in complementary industries (numerology, astrology, palmistry etc.
  • Post good reviews/ testimonials to maintain good relations in tarot community.
  • and Just brainstorm, you will find more for sure. 😉

Final Words

tarot mini kit for beginners

With all these said points to get free tarot reading, you can thank us later for such ideas. Even if you want to have knowledge on tarot decks and the sessions, it becomes quite easy for you to avail the materials provided online. And also platforms like facebook, linkedin, instagram and youtube are a great contributor in this.

Of all these free tarot sessions that are live on different social media platforms are the best way to keep your problems in front of tarot experts and get an answer to this. Get regular and free updates from the apps that you have installed. Some of them have minimal charges to talk to the expert for some time limit.

That is okay and anyone can afford it with some amount of money. So with all these ideas, go get your tarot session now and make the art of tarot more interesting by doing it with your friends and family. It will be fun way of knowing future for sure!


Beautifully Designed keepsake package.

Friends let me tell you a few more things that the readings in spite of being 100% appropriate are just temporary. Yes! this is true. It is a complete myth that tarot readings are 100% percent true. Many people think that this is the end point to their problems and there can be no other solution to it. Looking for your comment on this article!

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