Jainism: 10 Unique Products for Digambar & Shwetambar Jains

Jai Jinendra to the all followers of Jain Dharma! Before we move to Jainism Unique Products let me tell a few words about this great religion. Jain religion is sixth largest in India but have greater influence on the Indian population because of the great principles established by 24 tirthankaras.

Jain community has very peaceful culture of living. We are too small to tell you teaching of Jain sadhu sants, we really salute them.  Similarly Jain peoples have very rich culture and standard of living is also good. We are dedicating today’s blog to this world’s most peaceful community.

Here we are mentioning a lot of jainism items those made exclusively for Jains. These includes almost everything from home décor to spiritual ones. Listing must have items for every jain family here:

1. Car Dashboard Flag for Jains

jain flag

This Unique Flag for Jains comes with Indian flag as you can see in the picture. Now feel proud by putting this in your car and show your love for your religion pride. Also you can gift it to anyone who have jain belief. Trust me this Jainism car dashboard flag set is sure to delight you !

Quality wise this is very good as made with plush penguin super silk with the shimmer and softness you love. It has Durable base with self-adhesive tape at the bottom. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

2. Mask for Jain Preksha Dhyan

jain eye mask

Jains are most peaceful peoples in this world and this happens as they believe in the meditation called Preksha Dhyan. It is similar to Buddha’s Vipassna Meditation. Digambar & Shwetambar Both Sadhu Sants always guide their followers to do Dhyan or say Meditation.

So here we have this Meditation Mask to give you comfort while doing yoga. This mask is made of 100 percent silk satin which you can also use for travelling and sleeping 😉 . Suitable for all men and woman and kids. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

3. Namokar Mantra for Entry Gate

Namokar Mantra for Entry Gate

Being Jain you must add an Jain element of spirituality to your home décor with this wall hanging Navkar Mantra. This beautiful namokar mantra wall hanging product is made exclusive for Jains peoples, we expect you show love with buying this 😉

Trust me, it could be a great Jainism gift option for all celebration, festivals and other traditional occasion for your jain community. Remember Since it is made of fine quality material, it is easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it with a soft and dry cloth. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

4. Door Bell for Jain’s Home

jain door bell

Every household use door bell in home, it is one of the most common item found in each and every home. I am asking to you ‘Why you are using regular door bell’, while you and your family can hear your jain religion mantras everytime someone come to your home.

Believe me it may bring prosperity and all the happiness you deserve. You will be definitely agree with me that mantras have power of improving our home’s vibrations. Being jain you should replace your existing door bell with this exclusive door bell specially made for jains.

This is wireless door bell comes from good brand so you will be assured for product quality and durability. It is very-very easy to install as no effort needed because of wireless setup. See the product to know more about the price and mantras it has. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

5. Gold Plated Jain Holy Book

jain bhaktamar stotra book

Acharyashri Mantungsuriji’s Bhaktamar Stotra is one the most renowned jain offering to the world of devotees. It is considered Jainism most trusted way of Healing. I am too small to talk about this Mahan Shri Bhaktamar Stotra Mantra.

This Jainism holy book is coated with 24 kt. Pure gold as claimed by manufacturer. No need to say that it is must have jain thing for each and every Jainism follower. It comes with attractive corrugated box which you can use to gift on any occasion to jain friends or relatives. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

6. Smoke Fountain of Lord Mahaveer

mahaveer swami fountain

This is one of the best item for followers of Mahaveer Swami ji. Might be you have seen smoke fountain of Hindu Lords somewhere but I am pretty sure that this one is first time. Décor your home in Jainism way with this beautiful master piece.

This beautiful decorative backflow incense burner is hand crafted, ideal for burning your favorite incenses. This piece of art has lord mahaveer swami ji sitting in dhyan mudra beside the smoke waterfall.

You have to just place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall and because of the smoke cone’s specialty, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction which seems like beautiful waterfall adds awesome fragrance to your home or office. Buy this for your home or to gift jain peoples. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

7. Exclusive Silver Coin for Jains

mahaveer swami jain silver coin

Lakshmi Ganesha Silver Coins are most common in india but what about if you or gift receiver is from Jain religion. As Jain’s population is just around 1% in country so Indian shops are not much stocked with Jainism stuff. Jains are mostly bound to buy products made for other religions.

Taabiz provides you the opportunity to explore all exclusive items made for your community. So here we are with Silver Coins made only for you. These are BIS hallmarked for the silver purity in it. Gifting Jain Silver Coin is now easy for you, So here it is. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

8. Jain Mahaveera 3D Night Lamp

jain night lamp

Why don’t you replace your existing night lamp with this unique mahaveera night lamp and reveal your true spirituality for Lord Mahaveer Swami ji and let people see it.

Glass used in this Masterpiece is Unbreakable and 7 colors changes when it is on. Seriously it is extremely cool because of 3D Led and laser engraved design. Also you can set its brightness at 7 different levels which is pretty cool function. Gift it to your loved once or buy for your own home. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

9. Pure Silver Navkar Mantra Book

jain silver holy book

‘Navkar or Namokar Mantra’ is main mahamantra in Jainism as it is considered to be the holiest among of all mantras. You can find all other hindu mantra related products easily in market but this is most rare when we talk about silver.

We at ‘Taabiz’ giving you the best way to buy this silver holy book in 92.5% purity which comes with silver stand of same purity.  You will find complete navkar mantra inscribed on pages with panchindiya sutra.

One of the best gifting product we suggest to you for your loved ones. Also you should buy one for your home or office temple. Silver weight is 31 gram plus with guaranteed 92.5% purity comes with certificate and specially designed box packing. Price of this item ranges between Rupees 4000 to 5000 approx. Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

10. Namokar Mantra Wall Sticker

jain wall sticker

Just like we need Divine Blessings of our lord, our home also need to have blessings to keep family members blessed. Believe it or not but this namokar mantra sticker has the power to create positive energy at place, it really works. Why I am tells you this, it is because your family members will chant this mantra in mind where they will see this sticker. Hence this will result in positivity for all.

Purchase this by simply clicking on product image.

Every Jain can buy this to stick inside home or office anywhere you want. Even I suggest that you can buy this for your nearest jain mandir or sthanak ji, best way to donate something to your worship place at very reasonable price. So don’t wait and order this now.

This is not the end of our list, more products shortlisted for Jain community are waiting for you.

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