Benefits of Chanting Gayatri Mantra

20 Amazing Benefits of Chanting Gayatri Mantra | Full Guide

Gayatri mantra as we all know is very spiritual and has all the universal powers in it that we gain and attract either by chanting or writing. With this article, you will come through a huge number of gayatri mantra benefits that will be helpful to regulate your body strength and immunity and will help you attain great success and peace in your life.

So let’s have a look at what is the Gayatri mantra, its benefits and other things related to it. Please read the article carefully and imply it in your life.

Gayatri Mantra – Background

Friends, as we all know Gayatri mantra is recognised since ancient times and has also been mentioned in the Rig Veda. Since the mantra has always been chanted for the Mother of Vedas i.e the essence of all Vedas. This beautiful poem was chanted 1000 years ago in the ashrams of hindu saints.

The pronunciation of Gayatri mantra is the repetition of the word “Savitur” which means the sun god. The divinity of this beautiful mantra directs the mind to focus on the aims and goals in life and also to help you meditate and feel relaxed. It also mentions bhargah which is the solar spirit that symbolises the inner identity of the sun.

Modern research on Gayatri Mantra

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I am sure that all those who are interested in knowing more about the gayatri mantra will also be interested in knowing that what is the scientific reason it has that everybody around the world practices it.

Scientific studies has proven that the mantra affects our brain at multi levels and also connects us to the generic space. With various levels of thos combating, it is found that you can practice the mantra “five” times during the day that will as result unfold twenty four cosmic principles that forms the basis of reality in regards with Sankhya philosophy. It allows the practitioner access to this metaphysical realm.

Benefits of Chanting Gaytri Mantra

So we have gained knowledge about the powers that this mantra chanting has. It directly impacts our body, mind and soul. The mantra goes like this:

“Om bhur, bhuvah,svah,Tatsa vitur varenyam, bhargo devasya dhimahi, dhiyo yo nah prachodayat.”

– One of the most powerful mantra on planet

Don’t you realise what strength it has even while we pronounce it in our heart. With its illuminating intellect, it enlightens us with immense knowledge. So let’s have a look on a wide list of its benefits:

1. Improves Breathing

What could be more wonderful than improving your breathing pattern and its capacity by the source of gayatri mantra. I would recommend you to chant the illuminating mantra while you work out or perform yoga. It will give you the best results.

2. Improves Concentration of Mind

Concentrating on the three chakras of the vision and others, it helps you sharpen your memory and have good concentration skills for mind and body.

3. Remove Toxins from the Body

It is very obvious that if you attract positivity, then you will definitely avoid bad toxins that are not good for your body and its peace. After practicing and chanting the mantra for a while, you will feel the toxicity out of your body.

4. Reduces Depression

Feeling anxious and nervous? Gayatri mantra benefits you with this too! The chanting has so much power that creates a shield around you of the positive energies that keeps you away from stress, depression and a non stable poece of mind.

5. Enhances Knowledge

Are you a student? Then it will help you a lot! Yes I am right, gayatri mantra enhances knowledge and if you are a student make sure you chant the mantra in the morning or write it on a lekhan pustika. It will help you in learning.

6. Takes you to Peace and Prosperity

Who can stop you to attain prosperity if you are close to god. Believe me, nobody can. Goddess Saraswati showers her blessings that will prosper you in all ways in life.

7. Improves Blood Circulation

Now if the blood circulation is proper through the breathing patterns, it will definitely make your immune system grow keeping you away from all diseases.

8. Gives a Glow to Skin

Wondered why saints have so good skin? It is because they regularly chant gayatri mantra and do proper yoga with it that keeps their blood circulation healthy and gives a glowy skin.

9. Removes Negativity

Make it a schedule to remember goddess Saraswati every morning and become her spiritual connect with chanting “om bhur bhuva swaha..” daily and you will miraculously drain all negative energies from you. Try it!

10. Calms Mind

Attracting positivity daily and performing yoga asanas with gayatri mantra helps you attain a calm and peaceful mind with all toxicity out of it.

11. Reduces Asthamatic Symptoms

With a good exercise of the lungs, all the aethamtic patients can almost vanish their problem by chanting the gayatri mantra. It is the best exercise one can do if they have lung problems.

12. Improves Functioning of Nervous System

Have low immunity? No worries! Gayatri mantra is the solution to it. With the meditation and concentration you gain, you also improve the strength of your nervous system that will make you more powerful against all the negativities around.

13. Keeps Heart Healthy

While meditating and breathing practices, when you chant the mantra, you also make sure that the blood is properly pumped in your heart that will automatically keep you away from all diseases.

14. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

What do you do when you are stressed? Listen to songs? I have a better option for you, chant gayatri mantra and sit in a relaxed posture and then tell us whether you become stress free or not. You will definitely be! I know!

15. Attracts Positivity

I practice gayatri mantra and chant it daily to get positivity in myself, because that will consequently lead me to a better place. So I suggest you make it a schedule to chnat or write a mantra daily to attract positivity.

16. Connects you to God Directly

You know friends, it is a great way to connect yourself to the spiritual powers and divinity. By doing this, you are constantly remembering gods in all your good times and bad times.

17. Helps you Achieve Great Heights

Gayatri mantra lekhan or if you have made it a habit to daily chant the mantra in the morning, believe me, nobody can stop you from achieving good in your life.

18. Gets Good Wealth

The repetition of chakras and its concentration is basically inviting the goddess Saraswati into our minds and soul and also so that we can achieve great heights in life and will never be drained out of money.

19. Calms your Body Language

Chanting of the mantra will definitely help you to improve your body language. Trust me friends, the meditation you will do will help you reduce the level of stress you have and you will notice very positive changes inside your body.

20. Soothes Body and Soul

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Gayatri mantra not only reduces anger and frustration but also in return provides you with a peaceful body language that is positive and peaceful and makes your body and soul calm.

Isn’t it amazing to have such wonderful benefits of Gayatri mantra that can impact us in our lives? With my personal experience, I suggest you all to at least once give it a try and see all these benefits come true. Give importance to each and every word in the mantra because every word is beautiful and has its own energy.

With my personal experiences I found all these listed benefits come true and so I suggest you all also because that is how positivity and happiness is spread and I am glad to do this with you all. You feel good vibrations in your body while meditating with the mantra and it will be wonderful!

For best results, do Pranayama by breathing five times from the nostril. It will not only soothe your body and will make you active for the rest of the day because you will keep god within you!

How Gayatri Mantra helps in Meditation?

Want to attain peace of mind keeping the thought of goddess Saraswati in your soul? Yes you can have it by controlling your mind with meditation and good thoughts inside you. The chanting of mantras is so powerful that it helps you meditate and focus at just one point in your mind.

It is also scientifically proven that those who have the proper breathing technique with the mantra have attained a good stage of meditation and have control over their mind and peace.

  1. How to get best results with Gayatri Mantra?

    To get the best results of the gayatri mantra, it is recommended to chant it in peace performing pranayama early in morning.

  2. What science says about Gayatri Mantra?

    Well, my friends, a scientific study has proven that the mantra affects our brain at multi levels and also connects us to the generic space.

  3. What is the best time to chant Gayatri Mantra?

    The best thing about chanting this mantra is that you can chant it all the time, like while sitting, resting, working, travelling etc. Make sure you need to relax while chanting it.

  4. Can we do meditation with Gayatri Mantra?

    It is also scientifically proven that those who have the proper breathing technique with the mantra have attained a good stage of meditation and have control over their mind and peace.

What are the benefits of writing ‘Gayatri Mantra’ daily?

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Gayatri Mantra writing is an extraordinary form of getting all the positive energy from the universe. Trust me friends, the day you will start writing gayatri mantra in the lekhan pustika, all your worries and problems will vanish as if it is a miracle. There are some of the listed benefits of wiring gayatri mantra:

  • You will feel the positivity within you.
  • It can cure any mental illness.
  • You might found way of success in life.
  • You will attract only good energy in life.

So friends, with all these amazing benefits, I suggest you to buy ‘lekhan pustika’ that is available on our website and bring this positive change in life. You yourself will be amazed.

Must Remember things about Gayatri Mantra

Now friends here are a list of things that you should keep in mind while chanting the mantra so that it will result in good:

1. You can chant anytime

The best thing about chanting this mantra is that you can chant it all the time, like while sitting, resting, working, travelling etc. Make sure you need to relax while chanting it.

Best times to chant are down, noon and dusk. Since the mantra has a lot to do with the energies from the sun, the best specific times to chant the mantra can be best if chanted at these three phases of the day.

As this may help you to get energies and connections from sun’s energies and aura. Make sure you sit at a place that is peaceful and spiritual. I am sure you will like the energies that you will get.

2. Sit in a positive aura

Friends, it is very important to select a place where you can sit and get connection with the goddess and take her blessings. Make sure to sit in the pooja room of your house or any place that is peaceful and nobody should interrupt you in between.

3. Try to bring good thoughts

With the meditation going on, try to attract positive thoughts and vibes that are best for your mental health and state of mind.

Final Words

So friends, we have learnt a lot about the benefits and the power that the Gayatri Mantra has. Trust me friends, I can make sure that the day you start chanting it on start writing in the lekhan pustika, you will achieve heights in your life because nothing is more powerful than this in the world.

When you do this, you directly take blessing from the goddess and make your spirit pure and positive. I would highly recommend you to start practicing it from today!

Know the Author

Hello everyone! This is Akshita. I am a part time content writer and I hope you all will like the blog that I shared about the benefits of gayatri mantra. I am so glad to share this with you with my personal experience! Please friends try this chanting of gayatri mantra and attain all the divinity and peace in life. I promise and guarantee you that it will impact your life tremendously with only positive things!

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