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Lord Krishna: Top 7 Products / Gift Ideas for Krishna Devotees

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Jai Shree Krishna to all the devotees of Lord Krishna. I’m Megha from Taabiz, wrote this article to suggest you some cool Products / Gift ideas for Krishna Devotees, which can bring prosperity, success and happiness in your life.

As we all have krishna in our houses as Ladoo Gopal, Radha-Krishna photo, Khatu Shayam and many more. We all know his charisma and tricks to justify the Karma of people. In this article you will know about some amazing products of Krishna which can be life changing for all the devotees of Krishna.

It is said that one should have few of these products to make strong connections with Bhagwan Kanha. These products will be the source of positive energy and luck in your life. After bringing these products in your life, you surely are going to give us blessings for the positive change in your life. You can gift these products to your family and friends as good wishes on all occasions like housewarming, marriage anniversary, baby shower etc.

Are you ready to know about these Lord Krishna related Unique products?

Read and share it with your friends and family members. Share the blessings of Bhagwan with your people. Here is the full list of products / gift ideas for krishna devotees:

1. Swing (Jhula) for Laddu Gopal ji 

kanha jhula

You must have heard that Lord Kanha used to take rest on Jhula. It is believed that the base of Jhula is the body and where the Lord resides in the soul. It is said that the four strings which is attached to the base considered as the symbol of faith, truth, purity and prayers. The handle which is connected to four strings is the bhakti of devotee towards lord. And the string by which jhula swings is the selfless devotional love and feelings of bhakt which connects him to the god.

How should we keep ladoo gopal in Jhula? 

Bring one Jhula and place the youngest version- Ladoo Gopal ji in it. It is one of the best way to connect with lord krishna directly. Decorate it with fresh flowers and fairy lights. It is also said that Krishna takes rest on Jhula. You can shower all your parental love on Ladoo-Gopal by bringing Jhula for him.

This Jhula is going to bring the feeling of joy and immense love in you towards him. This will make you internally happy and you will be energized and happy the whole day. Yes, you can give one Jhula to your closed ones to fill their life with positivity and love. This will be best gift idea for krishna devotees, isn’t it?

2. Natural Vaijayanti Mala for Japa

japa mala

Do you know the meaning of Vaijayanti? 

and Why Vaijayanti Mala is related to Krishna?

Here is the answer- Vaijayanti means to be victorious and Mala means the garland or rosary. Vaijayanti Mala is the garland (Haar) of the victory. 

Let me tell you a small story behind the Vaijayanti Mala! It is believed that lord Vishnu’s avatar Krishna and Ram has gifted Vaijayanti to their love of the life i.e Radha and Mata sita. Respectively. Braj forest is considered to be the holy place where god and goddess make eternal love.

Does a Vaijayanti Mala have any Benefits?

bead bag

As the vaijayanti mala is adored by lord Vishnu, it is considered as the door of Vaikunth (Vishnu abode).Vaijayanti is used to worship Lord Krishna. If you chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” mantra on this mala, it brings success and victory in life with the blessings of Devi Siddhi.

If you want to remove Doshas you can chant the lord Krishna mantra with the mala. It has 108 +1 beads in it. It also makes the personality of the devotee charismatic and protects you from the negative energies. You can also give it to your partner as the symbol of love and blessings. Check out it

3. Krishna Sticker for Positivity in Home 

krishna flute sticker

We worship God for the Divine blessings; why do not bless your home with the stickers of Lord Krishna to bring some positive vibes at home. As you know Krishna is the symbol of divine love and love as a reflection of Divine. 

Can I Stick Lord Krishna Wall Sticker?

It is such a great idea to decorate our homes with Krishna stickers. You can put the stickers of Radhe-Krishna to enhance your companionship with your partner. The love of Radha for Krishna and Krishna for Radha is the purest kind of love. Put that one beautiful sticker of the most idol couple on your home walls to fill it with purity. 

radhe krishna

What are the Advantage of Krishna in Home?

The stickers will bring the spirituality, purity and positive energy in your home. Many people believe that looking at Krishna daily may calm your mind and will give you a sense of stability. You can also give the sticker of Krishna to your loved ones to bring positive vibes in their life. Believe me this may be one the best gift ideas for krishna devotees.

4. Krishna Idol / Statue for Home Decor 

radha krishan

As we all know he is celebrated as the most lively deity. He had faced a lot of pains to bring Dharma in human life. Why not make him our Madhav just like Arjuna did. Krishna is the best companion, true friend, an idol mentor and a perfect charioteer one can have.

How is Krishna idol important to you?

It also believed that when you are facing problems in your business, keeping an idol or photo of Krishna with Radha playing the flute is going to bring peace and harmony. His flute is going to take away your life problems.

krishna with cow

Where to Place Krishna Statue at Home?

If you want to keep an idol in the living room, keep a krishna statue with a calf. It is important to look for the direction while keeping his idol. There should be proper lighting on his face. It is said that the direction of Krishnas face should be in the east or west. 

Before keeping any idol just keep one thing in mind never keep an idol of god when he is in war condition. Always keep an idol where God is smiling and calm as it is going to bring peace, luck and happiness.

kanha idol

Can we gift Lord Krishna Idol?

The idol of Krishna is the most perfect gift ideas for krishna devotees which you can give on occasions like house warming, anniversary or on the wedding. If you are about to welcome a new baby, bring Ladoo-Gopal and keep it in your pooja ghar. If someone got recently married you can give them an idol of Radhe-Krishna.

5. Krishna Bansuri Flute Brooch to Wear 

flute brooch

Do you want to connect your lord with your fashion statement? Here I have one thing which you can wear with the presence of your God, Krishna’s Flute Brooch.

This Bansuri brooch you can wear on any party wear blazer, heavy kurta or on saree as the fashion accessory. It gives a beautiful touch to your attire plus it also brings positivity. A Evergreen brooch of flute or peacock.

Once Gopis’ asked the flute- Tell us the secret why Krishna always keeps you closer to his heart? Then flute replied- because I am hollow. I am empty. He can do anything with me. He can fill me with all the melodious music and love.

kanha peacock

It is said that keeping a peacock feather brings prosperity and luck. Peacock feather holds special powers. It gives hypnotizing powers to the wearer. They give beauty, richness, felicity and joy. Do you know when we wear peacock feathers or worship Krishna with the peacock crown it gives us supreme knowledge of self. 

Wear this Bansuri Brooch and Be like a flute, don’t carry any kind of sadness, grudges or anger. Keep your heart empty so you can fill it with the bhakti towards God. It also brings people together.

6. Kanha Car Dashboard Idol for Protection 

kanha idol for car

We always need the blessings of God no matter where we go. Buying a car is one of the dreams everyone has. It is important to have blessings from God for new beginnings. We should carry our positive energy with us.

This Krishna car dashboard Idol can be the source of positive energy when you are going somewhere. We all know how important it is to be surrounded with blessings all the time as life is unpredictable. It brings prosperity, luck and safety in life. It also improves our focus and there are less chances of getting into an accident. 

radhe krishna idol for car dashboard

Krishna Car dashboard Statue, will become a positive source of energy and joy in your car. Bless your car with the presence of the divine. We all know spirituality always gives us satisfaction. You can also give your family members and friends this car dashboard as the symbol of love and support.

You can also put Ladoo -Gopal with makhan idol as a dashboard to spread the jolly and prankster nature of Bhagwan, or you can keep them with Radha to spread vibes of love in your vehicle. 

7. Fashion with Lord Krishna Pendant

kanha pendant

Why not go trendy with this most beautiful God Krishna Pendant.

Do you know the meaning of krishna? It means dark, black and exceptionally beautiful. Indeed he was beautiful. 

You can wear this fashionable pendant of Lord Krishna to live a blessed life. We all know the things we wear have a great impact on our behavior. It is said that wearing a necklace improves blood circulation and rings connects our soul to the body. 

There are number of benefits of Krishna silver pendant. Wear the pendant of Krishna to improve your health plus positivity in your life. You can also wear flute as it brings people together. Why don’t you gift a pendant of flute to your partner to bring her close and stay happy together with the blessing of Lord Krishna. If you don’t want to wear it is a locket, you can wear it as a bracelet, which is available on our website’s shop page.

What’s Next?

Now, you must be wondering where will you get these beautiful locket? You can buy it from different stores, or why don’t you check our website Maybe you will get something which will be beautiful and lucky for you.

Yes, these are the perfect gift ideas for krishna devotees, with these things you can keep related to the most charismatic Lord Krishna; which is always going to bring happiness and luck in your life. If you are going to make him your friend, brother, mentor or charioteer, he will always be going to fulfill his duties. It is also said that Lord Krishna never disappoints his devotees (bhakts). 

You can also give these Krishna related goodies to your family and friends to bring joy and luck in their life. It is said that there should be a thought while giving something. Bring Vaijayanti Mala today and chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” to make your life worth living and open the gates of Lord Vishnu’s dham with it. Hope you enjoyed this list of gift ideas for krishna devotees.

Even you can comment down below for more gift ideas or your product wishes, we will surely provide it to you. I hope this article will change your life and bring prosperity, happiness, peace, success and luck in your life. Jai shree krishna!

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