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10 Best Numerology Courses Online For Indians

Have you ever got shocked when a random person can tell about your future, past and present life just by your date of birth or age? Does this kind of incident ever make you think how these kinds of things possible? Do you also want to learn that trick?

If you love numbers you can quickly understand how it is done. You can easily learn these tricks and techniques by enrolling into these Numerology Courses Online by comfortably sitting at your place. It will gives you lifetime of learning of numerology. Before you go to the numerology courses list, let me tell you a few things about numerology.

Numerology is a belief of divine and mystic relationship between a number and overlapping events. Numerology is the connection between personality, number, traits and situations. Some numbers are linked with people, place or events which play vital role in understanding these things or forecasting probable outputs.

These are the shortlisted numerology courses available at udemy platform:

Online class by Lloyd to learn how to read a person

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Online class created by Lloyd Strayhorn teaches basics of numerology and help beginners to understand how numbers apply in our day to day life. He believes that numerology is one of the easiest branches of study of mystic and supernatural powers.

He describes that numbers are only 1 to 9 and all the magic happens between using right techniques by adding them. This course is available for the students of every age, culture and lifestyle.

After completion of his classes he gives certificates to all the students and gives 30 day money back guarantee too. His course ‘how to read a person like a book’ already has 1347 enrolled students, which is almost 1.5 hours long.

This course can be downloaded from 13 sources and accessible from both mobile and desktop. You can enroll for this class on Udemy, it is very much affordable, in case if you want a book on this course it is available on amazon titled “Llyod’s Numbers and You, Workbook.”

Learn playing with numbers with Terri Westson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you want to build your skill like a professional numerologist, I would suggest you to take the online class from Terry Westson. In his class Psychic and Intuitive Living by your numbers he provides an easy and step by step guide which helps us understand how you can navigate your life by numbers for success and fulfilment with numerology.

This course will help you to gain skills to understand and provide insight on living intuitively, classify environment vibration and adjust them for yourself, create blueprint of numerology to plan your life and many more.

This course has 6.5 hour long classes with lifetime access after onetime payment on Udemy. Course is designed to provide insightful knowledge for all level. Downloadable worksheets will help you to practice your knowledge and sharp your skills. This course is available for all who are interested in learning numerology on a professional level.

Find your soul’s purpose with Angelfish Academy

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This course suggests that after taking this course you can offer your services to clients as numerologist. This course helps you to find the purpose of your soul and you can also help other to find their soul’s purpose. This course will help you to understand about yourself and others with the knowledge to understand why a certain thing happens and how can we control that using numerology.

After certifying from this course you can start your own business as numerologist, holistic therapist and others. This course provides you a handbook with deeper explanation and gives name of baby dictionary which include game of thrones characters.

This 1.5 hour long course includes 7 articles, assignments and a practice test to help you sharp your skills. Onetime payment for this course will give you life time access which includes all the future updates.

Uncover your numerology lessons with Donnalynn Civello

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This course will become your guide to understand your life which you have already planned. After completing this course you will be able to be discovering your talent, needs, your personal relationship and career. You will become able to handle your struggles and learn techniques to overcome from them.

You can also learn how you can attract some certain people to yourself and discover your romantic relationship. If you are willing to learn secrets about how life works you can enrol for this course. Just 2 hours long online class can help you to learn these secrets.

This course will give you lifetime access of the course which helps you to know about your soul’s contracted life lessons. I promise you that after completing this course you will see life from a different viewpoint. Faith, déjà vu, spiritual law of universe, pre birth and law of attraction are included in this course material.

Find Love with Numbers by Gracy Yap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you want to find your love with numbers, you should complete this course. You can choose your partner on the basis of the date of birth of the person. You can maintain your love cycle by attracting your soul mate to yourself.

You can even learn how to take your relationship to next level or find out what future does your relationship have. You can analyse your potential heartbreak and work it out before the time by avoiding the numbers which can lead to it.

You just require the date of birth of the other person and you can successfully plan your love life. This only 34 minutes long video can change your life. After completing the course you can get the certificate by udemy and lifetime access to the video and 14 article related to the numerology. If you are new in the numerology field, this course will give you most suitable knowledge in easy and user friendly approach.

Numerology 101 by Susana Mullikin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There have been many misconceptions about numerology since ancient times. This course by Susana Mullikin helps to resolve all the misconceptions and present the real facts about numerology. This course will teach the history, basics and connection of numerology with many cultures.

After this course you can calculate your divine triangle which was also used by ancient kings as deviation tool. This course will help you to understand how the numbers are related to certain events in your life and career. It will help you to understand the blueprint of your divine triangle.

This course requires only your will to learn the numerology. With the 3.5 video you can learn the connection of the divine power with numbers and your life. This course will also provide an article with the basics of numerology with life time access on udemy. Numerology 101 has all the knowledge which a beginner requires to learn the basics of numerology.

Learn advance predictive numerology by Anshuul Astro

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you want to know the characteristics of the person with whom you just met then this course is for you. You can learn about the person if they are going to be reliable and loyal with you. After this course you will be able to assess if someone is with you because they want to gain something with you or because of loyal honest emotional connection.

If you are looking forward for a love life, you can asses if the other person is a cheater or loyal. This one hour course is beneficial for all the students of numerology, astrology and destiny science who are learning predictions.

Famous astrologer and numerologist anshuul will give you the certification as a professional once you complete the course on udemy . You will also get the lifetime access of the course. This course is must to learn if you are looking for a career in numerology.

Unfold the Vedic Numerology secrets with Tarunn Sharrma

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This course will help you to unfold the secrets of numbers with the help of Vedic numerology. In this course numerology will be learned by linking it with stars, planets and Vedic numeroscope. This course will help you understand how your date of birth, number of month or date or year can effect to build your future.

This numerology course is one of the great combination of numbers and prediction of future. This Vedic method of numerology will help you understand the basic nature of numbers and grids.

This course includes the one hour tutorial video with article and lifetime access on udemy class on any mobile and Television. To explore more about the numerology and vedic connection, you are required to collect the birth dates of the people you want to learn about. Not only numbers, this course can help you predict with a person’s lucky colour and gems.

Learning life with numerology by J. D. Rockefeller’s Learning Club

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If you want to discover life in more intuitive and psychic way which can help you to make some of the important decisions in your life, then you are at right place. J. D. Rockefeller’s Learning Club’s numerology course can help you to understand about numbers which can help you learn life paths, five of the most important numbers in your life and how can you master the numbers.

This course is designed for all levels of students who are interested in numerology and want to learn how to build their life. This course offers a 36 minutes video and lifetime access to classes and lectures. If you apply this knowledge to your real life you can build a successful life for yourself and your loved ones.

This course will also help you in building a successful and meaningful relationship with your family and friends by understanding their real side and characteristics.

Understand the logic behind numbers with Aarati Khadsare

Rating: 3 out of 5.

If you love playing with numbers, want to understand the logic behind them then don’t worry, we have all of this sorted for you. You can subscribe to the class of numerology on udemy by Aarati Khadsare who will help you unravel your true potential with numbers as a beginner of numerology.

Apart from this, this class will improve your knowledge in calculation of numbers, destiny numbers, basic numerology and Chaldean numerology. It will also help you understand which number you should focus to build your strength and which number to avoid decreasing your weaknesses.

To learn this course efficiently you just required to be interested in occult and vibration sciences. This course includes 1.5 hour video, lectures, certificate after completion of the course and a lifetime access to the class, lectures and course material on udemy. In addition to this, this course also offers some secret tips which you can use in front of your friends to show off your skills and impress them.

Final Words

After reading the above suggestions I hope you will enroll for one or more of these courses right away and get the knowledge to play with numbers. I myself sakshi very much interested in numbers, whenever I used to see any numerologist i always wondered how do these guys do that.

But after learning from these courses, I can also do that magic myself. Now I show this to my friends and make them wonder about my skills, and you can do this too.

These all course by top numerologists are available on udemy with only one time payment for the lifetime access to the course. All of these courses are easily accessible from mobile, desktop and television.

One of the best things is, Udemy is offering discounts for the short period of time, so what are you guys waiting for, go and enroll in these courses.

If you want articles on your problems or want any suggestions, do write us in the comment box, we at will come back soon with the articles of your choice.

Stay Safe, Stay healthy, Happy Reading!

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