Best Indoor Plants for Home Vastu, Air Purifying, Aura Benefits

Best Recommended 7 Indoor Plants for Vaastu, Aura & Air Purifying Benefits

Hey guys, I’m Sakshi and today revealing best recommended 7 indoor plant for every home/office and also sharing some interesting facts about plants which can help you grow spiritually, financially and gives positive vibes which we really need in current scenario. Before i suggest you these highly recommended indoor plants, let me tell you a few things about the plants importance in everyone’s life.

We have always heard our elder say that nature has its benefits. Our elders always prefer natural remedies rather than medicine or any other modern remedies because they know that nature is the only thing which will help us in many ways without any harm.

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. The harvest can either be flowers or weeds.” — William Wordsworth

A friend who always have our back.

Nature has its own magic!

Have you ever spent quality time looking at stars at night or sat in green grass?

or Have you ever seen a bee collecting the honey from a flower?

Aren’t those feelings so overwhelming?

This is the nature’s way of saying you to have some rest and see around you what a wonderful gift life has given you. If you can’t go to nature let the nature come at your doorstep with

In India plants are worshiped as God. Plants give us life and everything we eat, wear and other things we need for our survival. Plants are not just soothing our eyes but also soothes our soul. In ancient times it is believed that a plant should be in home, it represents good luck and a blessing of God.

In modern times we have many ways to add plants to your vibrant decor. If you are looking for making your decor stylish with positive vibe you can order the plants from our website and welcome Good luck with it. Here below is the list of Our Best recommended indoor plants for your home or workplace. Read it and say us thanks later 🙂

1. Green Money plant to Attract Money

money plant

As name suggests money plant attracts Money with positive energy, health and prosperity with it. It gives energy to home by filtering the air and increasing the oxygen flow. The heart shape leaves symbolizes love as it brings love and happiness in the family.

It is very popular for bringing wealth and prosperity. It requires minimum maintenance and can grow easily in moderate atmosphere. For more effective results 2-3 plants are used entwined with other which helps each other grow. It is the symbol of growth and prosperity as recommended by all FengShui experts.

Where should Money Plant be placed?

Green money plant should be kept near computer, television or WiFi router. To reduce anxiety and stress money plant should be placed in sharp corner and angle because sharp corners are the home for negative energy, it helps in curing sleep disorders and arguments (which is one of the main reasons of the marital problems). According to the Vaastu experts money indoor plant should always kept indoors and never put it outdoors.

2. Bamboo – Bonsai Plant for Good Luck

bamboo plant

I am sure that you have seen bamboo plants in your friends / relatives house and even in offices. Do you know the secrets behind it? No one will tell you these unknown facts and uses guide which we are telling you today!

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Plant?

Attracts Good Luck:

You can bring Good luck in your house with these lucky bamboo indoor plants. In spiritual context it is believed that bamboo helps people to move on and let go of their past. It increases positive energy within yourself that helps you feel increase in self worth.

Health Benefits:

It is scientifically proven that bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than the equivalent amount of the trees. Modern research has revealed that bamboo also have medical benefits. It helps in improving the appetite, weight loss and better digestion, along with this bamboo shoots have anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

What is the best way of using Bamboo plants?

It has different significance in different numbers or bamboo stalk you can keep 3 stalk for happiness, 5 for wealth, 6 for good luck, 7 for good luck. 8 for growth, 10 for anything you wish. Keep changing the water regularly and it will give you what you wish for. It is best kept in a glass case and keep indoors.

If you want to put bamboo in the bathroom it should be put in the clay pot as it will give more effective benefits and clay also represents mother earth. You can use bamboo in any room of your home except for the bedroom.

3. Orchid indoor Plants for Stress Relief

orchid plant

It has a magical quality to bring love, rekindle the romance and deepen the friendship. Merely the presence of this plant soothes the soul and gives peace. Where there is peace happiness resides. This indoor plant helps you to be calm and reduces the stress. This is what we really need in this time of chaos. Not only this plant has calming effect but also helps us to sleep sound.

By keeping this in bedroom you can sleep like a baby. It is scientifically proven that this indoor plant releases oxygen in night as well which makes them an ideal plant for bedrooms. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. In fact, Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy.

With good care and regular maintenance, an orchid plant may live for a lifetime — 100 years, or more.

4. Rubber indoor plants for Financial Growth

rubber indoor plant

In ancient times rubber plants were used to make waterproof clothes and homemade shoes. This rubber plant has not just this single use but also has so many amazing benefits which we are mentioning below, I am sure you will buy it for your home and to gift loved ones.

Is rubber plant good for Financial Growth?

If you want to grow financially strong, this plant is for you. Rubber plant represents wealth and it grows best indoors. This plant assures that your home is filled with wealth and prosperity. It can be placed anywhere inside your house. For better results put it in south-east area of room or in the entrance hall.

What are the health related benefits of Rubber Plant?

This plant contains medical qualities; it is beneficial for wounds, cuts, sores, muscle and joint pain, constipation, insect bites and parasitic worms. They also eliminate any bacteria and mold in the air.

As a study conducted by NASA it is proven that this plant can also work as air purifier, as it improves the quality of the indoor air.  Their large leaves can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, rendering them harmless.

5. Palm Indoor Plants for Positive Energy

palm indoor plant

If you are looking for getting some positive energy in your home then add palm tree to your decor. It is said that positive energies revolves are this tree and also this can add or activate any inactive positive energy to your home.

It is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.

Other Benefits: In the times of pollution and extreme heat palm soothes us by decreasing the temperature and absorbing the pollution in the air.

The palm has meaning in Christianity as well Christian iconography to represent victory, i.e. the victory of the spirit over the flesh, Revelation 7:9.

Now these can be used as indoor plants as their size can be controlled.

6. Snake indoor plants for Air Purification

snake plant

In the today’s environment where pollution is on its peak, snake plant cleans the polluted air and gives fresh air to breathe. Snake Plant works as natural air cleanser to the negative energy and toxins. It automatically adds natural humidity in group.

It can be called as energy sword as it kills the negativity, as in pointing a sword to your enemy and they stand no chance of winning. Some people believe if you want to clean the negative energy then take 3 “swords” in your hand, hit every corner of your home (it suggests don’t start with front of your house, start with back side) come to front door run to street and throw them over your shoulder DO NOT LOOK BACK.

Snake plant or Golden Hahnii plant is also considered as good luck and also known as mother in law. This is really must have plant for every home and even for your workplace. So what you are waiting for? Buy one today from

7. Jade indoor plants for Success

jade indoor plant

If you want to be successful then jade plant is your must have. It is believed that this plant brings good luck, success and prosperity as it is symbolic of growth and renewal. If it has flowers that means it has a great impact on owner’s wealth and friendship. Jade plant has proven to be a successful good luck charm in the Asia.

Jade plants are considered perfect plant for indoor air purification. Plant does not only soothe the eyes but also gives a certain kind of positivity feeling. During the chinese new year jade indoor plants are set on top of stocks and investment certificates so they will increase the value in upcoming new year.

How to get benefited with Jade indoor Plant?

This plant can easily adapt in the warm and dry conditions. It can live long in right condition and it requires very low maintenance. For better results keep it near entrance inside your home or office cubical or southeast corner of your home and this indoor plant will invite good fortune and monetary luck to your home and business.

What’s Next?

After knowing this all, now you will be agree that apart from giving us air to breathe, plants also help us bring prosperity, health and good luck. According to the bible plants does not have soul but plants and humans connects with one other as they are alive only because of each other.

There are so many evidences that plants can feel when we touch them. Anything which can bring positivity is considered holy as plants are one of those.

We mostly feel restless or stressed about many things, only nature can work it wonders to calm us. If we can’t go out to nature we can bring it home. In this tough time where world is fighting world is fighting with a pandemic.

We can stay indoors and order from and help nurture our health, wealth and make our home stylish with some greenery around us, which just not only make our home more lively but also gives us the positivity and strength to stand strong. Positivity is something which is needed in these times.

You can spread positivity by word or by gifts. You can also gift these plants to your friends and loved ones as a gesture of support and you will get a safe home delivery with highly trained professionals. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

These plants are low on maintenance and high on positivity. Many cultures believe these plants to be sacred because of the spirits that dwell within the plants themselves. Religious and spiritual leaders use these plants, their compounds and mixtures to bring balance to the physical and spiritual world, heal mind and body, and provide for spiritual awakening.

This is not the end of the list, there are many more plants which are as valuable and beneficial as above are, to know about them please watch the space. To know more about religious and spiritual items keep visiting to and if you want any article for the item or items of your choice please comment below and we will try our best to make available with best uses article at

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