7 – Ways to Find Your Lucky Number (Secret Revealed)

Hello Taabizians, Today we are going to discuss most important topic which is finding the Lucky number using 7 different methods. Most of us are always confused while choosing the lucky number it may be for lottery, life event or something else. Article is going to be very interesting so read full article and you can also find related products review on Taabiz.in

So, here below we are listing all these methods, choose yours:

What are the most Popular Lucky Numbers?

In some recent researches it is found that the ‘7’ number is the most popular number in each and every corner of the world. This is the first number which jumps into mind when choosing own lucky number. That is why it became world’s most popular lucky number without any dispute.

There are so many reasons to support this like:

  • Seven Days of the week.
  • Seven Planets of Universe.
  • Seven Wonders of the world.
  • Seven Seas of earth.
  • Seven Continents.
  • Seven Rishis in Hinduism.
  • Seven Colors of Rainbow.
  • Seven Cervical Spines c1, c2, c3 etc.
  • Seven Layers of Skin (2 Outer and 5 Inner)
  • 7 number used 735 times in Bible.
  • Male body has 7 parts.
  • A cube has 7 dimensions Including inside.
  • Ocean waves roll in sevens.
  • 7 is important in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism.
  • 7 years Cycle in economics.

and many more. I have stopped as don’t want your precious time in just first method of choosing lucky number.

1. Try Lucky Number Generator (Online)

The easiest way to find out your lucky number is using online tools. There are thousands of website that generate lucky number for you by putting a few details. For this you just google it and top free website links will be there for your help. Here are a few picks for you: 1. Ask the Oracle 2. Formology 3. Lottery Pros (You can go with these option after reading our full article.  ;-P

2. Learn and Try Numerology Method

If you believe in mystic science then numerology has the power way to give your lucky number the spiritual properties. Take a piece of paper and pen to follow the steps. Create 1 to 9 numbers one table on paper and put one letter in each column below. So A=1 , B for 2, and so on. After the ninth letter, ‘I’, you can wrap around again so that J=1, K=2, and so on.

Now just write down your First name then plug in the letters to get one digit for each letter. Add those digits together to end up with a lucky number. Do this just for your first name which is more popular than the surname. So here is your lucky number, just go with confidence for it and forget everything else.

3. Trust Yourself and Follow Own Intuition

Why you don’t let your subconscious mind work for you. Don’t depend on fortune tellers as your intuitions can work better for you, Believe in it. Let your intuition pick your lucky number for you, for better results you can sit in a peaceful place with a pencil and paper. Just write 1 to 9 digit on paper then close your eyes, take some deep breath and try to clear your thoughts.

Once you feels better with meditative position then let come numbers in your mind one and another. Don’t try to work your mind as you have to write numbers without any judgment. Once you feels positive and comfortable with number then check. Congrats you found the lucky number which no other person can tell you. Be confident and let your lucky number work for you.  

4. Daily Horoscope Method (Lucky number changes daily)

Some Astrologers suggest that our lucky number should not be same in our whole life as planets position can not be same every time. Due to regular transition of planets the selection of lucky number is also affected so we can choose the exact fortune / lucky number when we need to use it.

Daily horoscope is the good place to find out our dynamic lucky number when we need it. Many Daily horoscopes includes the lucky number and lucky day in their daily predictions. Suppose you want to play lottery so you can find your favorable day, same with lucky numbers for the day, week or month.

5. Born Date as Lucky Number

Another best and most used way to quickly get your lucky number is your birth date that has a personal meaning for you. If Your born date is in two digit just convert it in single digit and here you will find the lucky number. You can also choose your kids and grandkids birth date as your lucky number if you feel they are very important in your life. So you can go with it, just remember to be always confident with your lucky number.  

6. Life’s 2nd Important Day as Lucky Number

Birth, Wedding and Death these are 3 major events of anyone’s life. We can see just two alive, so don’t consider your wedding day less important than the Birthday date unless you are single.  ;-P   In Some parts of the world peoples consider their wedding anniversary date as lucky number. Think if you are happy with your married life then why not this can be your lucky date. In my case it does not work but might work well for you 😉

Final Words – Conclusion

So now when you know your lucky number, just implement the method and let your lucky number power work for you by wearing related jewelry. You can visit taabiz.in to explore and buy from suggested collection of lucky initials jewellery.  Please don’t forget to comment below. Thanks for reading. Happy Shopping !

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